Spring Clean Your Digital Workspace and Stay on Time With a Unique Watch

Spring Clean Your Digital Workspace and Stay on Time With a Unique Watch

Spring Clean Your Digital Workspace and Stay on Time With a Unique Watch

The days of winter are almost over. How better to celebrate the upcoming season than to do a little spring cleaning, right? With the help of a very unique watch made by JORD, we’re going to show you how to tidy up your digital workspace, stay organized, and more importantly, on time. Stay tuned throughout the entire post, because we’ve got some really great opportunities to share. Check out the video below (the hubby made it), and continue reading for more information.

Disclaimer: We received the featured product for free in exchange for this post. To view THIS EXACT unique watch, click here.

Stay on Time with a Unique Watch
Stay on Time with a Unique Watch

Because we are workspace nomads…

When we are not busy taking care of our three children and separating them through bouts of sibling rivalry, me and my hubby are total workspace nomads. Having the ability to be remote workers is totally liberating; but it can also lead to some self induced chaos. If we are not careful, we can become completely unorganized. Heck, if it wasn’t for our unique watch by JORD, we’d never be on time. Thankfully, we’ve created a master plan to get back on track. Here’s exactly what we did…

How to get organized:

1.Keep track of time. When spring cleaning your digital or physical workspace, the last thing you want to do is get carried away. Make sure to schedule a specific amount of time and stick to it.

2.Sort all desktop files and icons. This also includes limiting the amount of files in direct view. If they are not utilized on a regular basis, then there is no real reason to have desktop shortcuts for them. The search function is your best friend when it comes to staying visually uncluttered.

3.Streamline your backgrounds as well. To stay in the mindset of a clean digital workspace, consider a more monochromatic background image. Sure, we have great family bonds and love pictures of our kids, but for our desktop backgrounds, we stick to plain black. (Honestly.)

<This post features a watch from the DOVER series. Click here for more details.>

4.Label all things correctly and uniformly. Create one uniform system for labeling/naming your files. A lot of times, it is helpful to label a file with a descriptive name and the date you created it. If, for whatever reason, you cannot remember the description you used, you may be able to recall the date. This helps with searching tremendously. In addition, if you typically write the name then the date, then every single file should go with the consistency of the name first, then then date.

Organization is easy with JORD's watch JORD's Unique Watch will keep you on time Unique Watch A unique watch makes a bold statement

JORD’s unique watch can help you, too.

Here’s the best part of this post. JORD is hosting a giveaway! They have a fabulous selection of men’s and women’s watches; perfect for keeping you on time. Each timepiece also comes with it’s very own keepsake box and finishing oil.


Just click the link above. It’s that simple. JORD makes an incredibly marvelous and unique watch. Please, do not miss your chance to enter. Every person who enters will be entered to win a $100 gift code to use on the JORD site! One lucky person will win, but everyone else will receive a consolation code worth $25 once the contest ends. The contest will close 3/26 at 11:59pm.

In conclusion, we were very happy to feature JORD wood watches in our post. The experience has been superb. If you’d like to see the entire collection of all their awesome timepieces, press this link here. Lastly, we will leave a few more pictures we took while spring cleaning our digital workspace. Good luck to all. Take care and wear time well.


Fullest Mom

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  1. Belle says:

    This is such a pretty and unique watch! Love this design!

    Belle | http://www.OneAwesomeMomma.com

    1. FullestMom says:

      Thank you Belle, for commenting. We were completely impressed by the display of the moving pieces through the face of the watch. It is a very high quality piece and we will enjoy wearing it.

  2. Tricia says:

    I love Jord watches! My husband recently got one as well. He loves it and wears it every day!

    1. FullestMom says:

      That is awesome! They are so beautiful, aren’t they 🙂

  3. candy says:

    I need to take the time and completely clean my work space, go through files and finish getting organized.

    1. FullestMom says:

      We all go through this, especially during tax time. Hopefully these organizational tips were helpful. Thanks for commenting and have a great day.

  4. Samm says:

    Love the watch and the organization tips!

    1. FullestMom says:

      Thank you, Samm. Yes, we are very impressed by our watch, it is simply stunning.

  5. Laura says:

    That watch is really sleek! And OMG I need to organize my digital life so bad. I think it is time for some digital spring cleaning!

    1. FullestMom says:

      Best of luck. Hopefully our tips will help. I find, when my computer space is in order, I can be more proficient with work. As moms, we all know there’s only X amount of time in the day before it goes back to chasing littles. Thanks so much for commenting. Have a good afternoon.

  6. Leighann says:

    I definitely need to get my desktop organized…and other things, haha. Thanks for the tips and great watch!

    1. FullestMom says:

      You’re welcome. Let me know if the tips help 🙂

  7. looks like a really cool watch!

    1. FullestMom says:

      It is truly beautiful! Best of luck on your entry.

  8. Kirsty says:

    Love that watch, very stylish!

    1. FullestMom says:

      We love it to. Good luck on your entry 🙂

  9. Maria says:

    Oooh thanks for sharing this !! Im going to send this link to my hubby for a read because on top of not being able to remember, reminders..hes a messy guy with a chaotic type of organization. Lol

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. FullestMom says:

      LOL. I think everyone has their own style. Let us know if the tips helped 🙂 I think keeping track of time is the most vital.

  10. This watch is awesome! I need to get this for my hubby!!

    1. FullestMom says:

      Good luck on your entry. Best of odds.

  11. That’s a gorgeous watch! I really need to clean and organize my photos!!! It’s so hard now with all the cloud syncing to stay on top of it…

    1. FullestMom says:

      Photos seem to be the easiest to get out of order. Hopefully our tips will help.

  12. This watch is so cool. I love that you can see the nuts and bolts! I need to do some spring cleaning as well, thanks for the reminder!

    1. FullestMom says:

      It is! We love it so much! So many fine details. Let us know how cleaning goes 🙂

  13. Emily says:

    What a beautiful watch!! I need to find the time to organize my workspace, it’s usually falls last to my to do list after getting the work done 🙁

    1. FullestMom says:

      I know, it can be hard to keep up with it. Hopefully our tips will help. Best of luck on your entry.

  14. I love this watch design

    1. FullestMom says:

      Isn’t it GORGEOUS! I’m so impressed by the detail of the movements. Good luck on entering 🙂

  15. Ray says:

    OK where’s mine?

  16. robin Rue says:

    That is a really nice looking watch. I think JORD wood watches are so cool. I want one 🙂

    1. FullestMom says:

      I really like the feel of this particular watch. It’s very interesting to watch it tick and see the inner workings. Don’t forget to enter and best of luck. Regardless, you will get a credit of $25 just for participating.

  17. Amanda Love says:

    I’ve always liked Jord, their watches are unique and beautiful. I think these are very helpful tips for people who would like to organize their computer and more.

    1. FullestMom says:

      Yes, our desktop workspace are the most neglected in ratio to the amount they are used. Thank you for commenting and glad they were helpful.

  18. Those are some great tips to stay organized in our busy lives. Oh wow that watch is gorgeous and very manly.

    1. FullestMom says:

      Glad you liked the tips and the watch. The video show all the detail and we love it!

  19. Kayla says:

    My husband would love this! He is obsessed with watches and clocks! I have never seen one like this before!

    1. FullestMom says:

      JORD is our latest obsession! I’m sure your hubby would like the entire line. Check it out and best of luck on your entry 🙂

  20. jennifer says:

    yup. my desktop needs organized bad! that is now on my to-do list. love these watches, too!

    1. FullestMom says:

      It takes a little time, but it’s so worth it. Our biggest task, all those photos 🙂 Hopefully our tips have helped you. Take care and thank you for commenting.

  21. AMB says:

    I love doing this twice a year. I also organize my chrome bookmarks into different categories on my bar. It helps to keep me focused.

    1. FullestMom says:

      Yes! Those bookmarks are so important. Ours sync from desktop to mobile so keeping them in check is very big in our book.

  22. Charlotte says:

    ooo this watch looks prettyy! I definitely need to have a clean out and organise my desktop at the moment it’s a nightmare!

    1. FullestMom says:

      Take is slow and steady. Work on the files first. Thank you for your comments on the post and in regards to the watch. It definitely helped us not lose track of time.

  23. I find the Jord watches to be really pretty and elegant. I think it is because of the wood base and links.

    1. FullestMom says:

      They make a very high quality product. I like the display of this particular one. You can see all the moving parts. Glad you like them.

  24. Theresa says:

    I’ve seen so many pictures of the JORD watches! They look so pretty and handsome at the same time.

    1. FullestMom says:

      Yes, JORD is huge! We are honored to work with them and their beautiful timepieces.

  25. I have seen a lot of these watches around the NET lately and have to say that they are really amazing, so classy and strong looking. I would love one for my husband!

    1. FullestMom says:

      Best of luck on your entry. Just for participating, you will receive $25 to use on JORD’s website so a win win either way.

  26. Sona says:

    I love the way this watch has been presented. The wooden box with a nice soft cushion..Simply love it. I just gifted a watch to my husband for his birthday and I wish I saw this one before!

    1. FullestMom says:

      Maybe a just because type gift? Or do you have an anniversary coming soon? I’m starting to thing one JORD is not enough 🙂

  27. Journa Ramirez says:

    wood watches are so trendy these days! Love the design! I think my husband would love this!

    1. FullestMom says:

      Thanks. Have him check this post out and both of you guys can enter for your chance to win 🙂

  28. ginny says:

    I am all for tidying up my digital workspace! I truly feel that nothing shoes your state of mind better than your desktop.

    1. FullestMom says:

      That is true! An organized workspace is a productive workspace. Take care.

  29. Nikki says:

    How cool is that watch? I’ve seen a lot of their watches, but that one is new to me. These are also really great tips for getting your digital life organized! I’m so much more organized on my digital devices than I am in the real world.

    1. FullestMom says:

      Yes, It’s their Dover series. Absolutely GORGEOUS!

  30. Melissa says:

    That watch is really nice, my husband would love it. Great tips especially to take the time to clean out those icons that you never use.

    1. FullestMom says:

      Thank you, Melissa. Keeping up with your computer workspace will make it function better and produce more. Thank you for commenting and have a lovely day.

  31. That looks like a cool and unique watch.

    I also like your organizing methods here. Having too many desktops is definitely a problem. I had a boss who had his whole computer screen filled completely with icons!

  32. Kiwi says:

    I see the Jord watches everywhere. Such a fun unisex watch!

  33. I have Jord watch and I really love it. I always get compliments when I wear it. This post also reminds me it is time to back up my computer. I do a pretty good job with keep my files organized, but I like to clean out my photos, or putting on my backup drive every so often.

  34. Rachel says:

    Wow! That watch is really cool. I love the face and all the details in there. Love the wood too.

  35. Roxanne says:

    Awesome giveaway! Great tips too! I need to print out this list and get to work!

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