Trolls Movie Review. Really? Seriously? More singing?

Tell me, should I begin with a disclosure about the signing? OR should I half-hazardly let this post take its course? Well, that depends on which of the troll’s perspective you take. Specifically speaking, for this Trolls movie review, the key to success is the actual opposition. The main characters give the movie’s viewers a broad spectrum of world life views. To understand more, continue reading for our full, in depth synopsis of these hair-raising, semi-sparkly creatures.

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The MPAA rating

To begin, the Motion Picture Association of America film rating system, gives it a PG. That means it’s generally appropriate for children of all ages; however, some scenes may bother them. Is it even possible to have a G rated movie that has a standard plot? Rising action, conflict, climax, falling action, resolution,  you know #allTheThings? I can’t honestly recall a scene that was not suitable for my 5, 4, and 1 year old. However, at the same time, I will note that there were a few oddities. For example, the trolls poop cupcakes when they are scared. But you know… we’re going to let that one slide.

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The subject matter

As stated before, the main characters, Poppy and Branch, are as different as night and day. Yet, for the sake of saving their gang of Trolls, they must work together. Imagine, oil and vinegar, working together like your favorite recipe to make your tastebuds explode. Yep, accordingly so; the Trolls movie is all of that.

Explosions. Fireworks. Things that make you go, “Ah”. All things considered, the Trolls love the flashy celebrations life has to offer.

Despite the simplicity of the plot, there is extreme cleverness in regards to the movie’s character development. The nemesis of these happy little beings, the Bergens, have a deep rooted unhappiness that coincides with today’s modern pessimist. Furthermore, I MUST give attention to the movie’s soundtrack. If you haven’t heard the chopped musical remix of In the Hall of the Mountain King  by Norwegian Composer Edvard Grieg, called Hair Up, you need to listen to it right now! Moreover, the Troll version of the classical beat is monumental.

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The Ultimate Trolls Movie Review

The Ultimate Trolls Movie Review

The thing about the singing…

And, now we cover the thing about the singing. For this Troll Movie review, consequently, I have to warn that the movie has a LOT of singing. My household likes that kind of stuff. Yours may not. Additionally, there is a lot of hugging. In the extra features version, available on iTunes, there is a “party mode”. During party mode, the audience is prompted to hug during specific keywords said by the Trolls throughout the movie. It gets annoying. Hence, party mode is not utilized in my house. Other than that, the singing is an aspect geared for the movie’s target audience; aka, toddlers and children. I understand why DreamWorks included so much of it.

A final word about my Trolls movie review

Lastly, in my final statement for this Trolls movie review, the film gets an A-. I could most likely watch this movie repeatedly. It cheers me up and makes me laugh. If your household enjoys music, then this movie scores totally high on the recommendation list.

Enjoy watching,

Fullest Mom