Online Consignment Receives Commentary; It’s a Thred Up Review

Thred Up referral Link and Full Thred Up Review

Thred Up referral Link and Full Thred Up Review

I wanted to declutter my closet. It was a task that I’ve put off for at least three months. Usually, I’m on top of things, and being a semi-minimalist, there wasn’t much to go through anyways. Yet still, I procrastinated. That was, until I saw an article on Facebook. Did you know a company called ThredUP will send you a clean out bag for your cluttered closet? Moreover, once they receive the bag back, they will actually give you money for your unwanted shoes and clothing? Hold onto your hats, because I put the entire process to the test and this is my ultimate Thred Up review!

Please note, I receive a credit usable on ThredUP’s site if you create an account using my referral link. All opinions about the service are my own. In addition, this post contains affiliate links. I receive compensation if you make a purchase using the affiliate links. 

Let’s talk about ease.

I mean, they really get it! For my Thred Up review I’m scoring them a perfect 100 out of 100 for the ease of use category. I honestly created my account one day (via my mobile phone), while waiting in the car line of my child’s school. I ordered a clean out bag and the rest was history. Super easy. Super simple. Furthermore, once the clean out bag came in the mail, I filled it up, dropped it of at our local post office; and in a few days, got some sweet shopping credits.

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Thread Up Review and Instructions

Thred Up Review and Instructions

What’s the communication rating?

The whole experience felt expertly catered. Seamless. Spectacular. And I’m not exaggerating. Their welcome email made me feel like a VIP and they explained the full process with lots of detail. It went exactly as what was communicated to me. That, my dear mamas, goes very far and scores the company 100/100 on communication for my Thred Up review.

App/Site Usage

Another perfect score. They have a beautiful site and meticulously feature each garment in a uniform matter. Filtering makes it easy to shop and the website layout flows smoothly.

My Thred Up Review Summary Statement: Love the commitment from this company to create a great customer experience. 

Selling Shoes During My Thread Up Review

Selling Shoes During My Thred Up Review

Thoughts as a buyer…

I score this section a 92/100. In order to be a successful buyer at ThredUP, you really have to know your body AND your brands. Size 4 at the Gap is not the same as size 4 at Ann Taylor. Also, since you cannot try the clothing before buying, the shopper has to have some preconceived notion as to what will look good on their person. Not a huge set back in my opinion. The benefits far outweigh the risks. In regards to the actual clothing received, the quality was top notch. I thought there’s no way this was second hand. Thred Up really pays attention to detail.

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Thoughts as a seller…

In the paragraphs above, I explained how ThredUp communicates transparently. For my Thred Up review, I’m restating my case and advise you to check out their payout estimator. Now, be aware, the payments provided are on the low side; but, it was worth a try. Why? First, I get more compensation selling to ThredUP than leaving the item in my cluttered closest. Second, I don’t have to drive around to various consignment shops to try to sell my unwanted items. And third, the process is extremely quick and almost effortless. I’ve mentioned before that time is money and ThredUp saves me both.

Clean Up Bag Provided During My Thread Up Review

Clean Up Bag Provided During My Thred Up Review

What will you do first?

Once you sign up using this link, what do you plan to do first? Buy or sell? Let me know in the comments. Also, stay connected and subscribe to my newsletter. Until then, take care and love all.


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