Take Advantage of Every Single Nap

Let’s face it, for a family of 5, I’m under the mounting pressure of the laundry basket, nightly dinners, and that silly overflowing bathtub. I need to get things done, but where do I find the time? Well, mamas, there’s a way to find balance over the workload, and it can be done every single day. In this post, I’ll teach you how to take advantage of every single nap.

There’s so much you can accomplish during your child’s naptime.

You see, I have a very specific system, yet it is TOTALLY EASY. It gets me through the housework (even though the chores suck) and keeps me right on track. If you’re searching for a method to maintain your sanity, as well as your house, then continue reading to learn more.

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Do you wish you could be more productive while your child sleeps? I'll show you how to plan ahead and take advantage of every single nap.

It starts with your mindset

For me, I enjoy goal crushing even if that goal is to clean my ovens.

The key to taking advantage of every single nap starts with your mindset.

Whatever your tasks may be, you have to tell yourself that it can be done. Stay focused and allow for natural bursts of productivity.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day, the difference is how they handle them.

Additionally, I value family time (as well as resting). All of these items are important in my schedule and all of these things have room. I’ve been running my work-from-home business for over 2 years. Although this season is exceptionally busy, I am still able to balance the line between productivity and rest.

Take advantage of every single nap by being productive.
Take advantage of every single nap by being productive.

Make every hour count

As a freelance writer, I am lucky enough to have tons of flexibility. Regardless, because of my personality type, I tend to sway towards more structure.

I work only 2 hours a day, but it is a constructive two hours.

Furthermore, these couple of hours are not strictly for business. These hours go towards tasks in my household, too. Since my youngest child naps for approximately that time, I take advantage of every single nap without missing a beat.

Anyone can apply these methods to their day

Even though I have this unique set up, anyone can use the same methods that I use.

Productivity does not discriminate.

The only reason that some people are not productive, while others are, is because they do not have a set method for getting things done.

Plain and simple, unproductive people have no working system.

How to be productive during naptime:

Generally speaking, there are 5 basic steps to being productive. I’m going to break each step down below. Are you ready? Let’s get into the details.

1: Prioritize your tasks

I get it. Productivity can be full of interruptions. Sometimes, we can’t figure out what to do next. Even more so, with so many distractions, we can even forget some of the important things.

Not knowing what to do next is similar to running around like a headless chicken. 

It wastes a lot of time and causes chaos.

To take advantage of every single nap, begin by prioritizing tasks.

I keep a running list on Trello. By using Trello’s calendar feature, I organize all of my things and can easily see what’s due. Those items get top priority and there is no wasted time wondering what to do next. Additionally, if something on my list can’t be done, no worries. I just move on to the next thing.

Take advantage of every single nap by using scheduling apps like Trello.
Take advantage of every single nap by using scheduling apps like Trello.

How prioritizing helps your day

For instance, there was one time I planned to clean my oven. I didn’t realize the night before when I made the plan that I was out of oven cleaner. I spent the rest of the afternoon wondering if I should wake my child from their nap to go buy oven cleaner, or if I should wait.

Now, if something similar were to happen, I would just go to my Trello list and do the next best thing.

No more time wasted. My home continues to be part of my sanctuary and everyone is happy.

Spend 20 minutes on Sunday night and plan out the remainder of your week.

Things will flow so much faster.

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2: Work efficiently

The next step is to work efficiently.

When you’re prioritizing your tasks, try to group similar tasks together.

Batching work together helps so much. Rather than ironing one shirt a day, I’ll do all 7 for the week. This saves time from setting up and makes chores a lot simpler.

And, while we’re on the subject, I’m not a fan of multitasking.

I whole-heartedly rule against it. There’s no reason we should push ourselves to the point where we are not intentional. There’s also no advantage to completing tasks with divided attention. Instead, I’ve switched from working harder to working smarter.

Other helpers to work efficiently

In addition to keeping things smooth, I also love to automate. Our Roomba vacuums, my dishwasher washes, and I automate any task possible. There is not enough pride in the world that would leave me using all of my child’s naptime to handwash things like the laundry. We have the technology for a reason. No guilt. No shame.

Sometimes I do a big batch of ironing during naptime.
Sometimes I do a big batch of ironing during naptime.

3: Take breaks

Now, as stated before, my child naps practically every day. I find it important to take advantage of every single nap by occasionally napping as well.

Nothing makes me feel more serene then resting with my child.

Taking occasional breaks will keep your mind fresh and your body energized. Give yourself designated times to sit still. It will be so worth it.

4: Get off the dang phone

A quick peek at social media or a brief skim of an email can quickly suck me into a 30-45 minute roundabout.

If I want to stay productive throughout the day, I remove the phone from my hand.

Furthermore, I turned off all of the notifications for Facebook and things related to that matter. The only reason my phone will make noise is for an actual phone call. If it rings, I know it’s either important or a close contact.

Schedule out time for phone usage

Just as there should be dedicated times to take breaks, there should also be dedicated times phone usage. It’s so easy to carry your mobile device in the palm of your hand that you feel like you never truly detach. Save yourself lots of time and take advantage of every single nap by leaving your phone behind.

Remove distractions and things that prevent you from completing tasks.
Remove distractions and things that prevent you from completing tasks.

5: Remove any other distractions

To elaborate even further, remove anything that prevents you from completing your tasks.

The removal process should not be seen as a negative thing, just more as a problem-solving method.

If you can’t clean the bathtub because there are too many bath toys in the way, then remove them. Perhaps, instead of leaving them in the tub, the method should be to put them in a bin that does not hinder cleaning.

As another example, if you need to clean the kitchen but there is too much clutter, try storing gadgets and appliances inside of the cabinets, rather than on top.

Simply think about the things that distract your productivity and troubleshoot ways to remove them.

Do more while your child sleeps

What’s your most productive time of the day? Do you handle things like a boss during naptime, or are you accustomed to something else? Leave me a comment and let me know what works for you.

As the saying goes, when your hands are full, remember to live your life to the fullest.

Take care.

Fullest Mom