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Love Your Locks by Using Formulate Hair Care

This post is sponsored by Formulate Co. The opinions expressed are my own. #HairScience Frizzy hair and dry ends are a real struggle of many moms. We don’t have the time to maintain our manes the way we would like… Continue Reading →

Mom Recognition, Who’s Trophy Is This?

I’ve been doing this #momLife thing for over 5 years. There have been stories of happiness, as well as glitter slime catastrophes. I drink the coffee, then I do the things. I am definitely overdue for some mom recognition. But where’s my trophy?… Continue Reading →

Sitting Still Is Self-Care; Well Part Of It, Anyways

Sitting Still Is Self-Care; Well Part Of It, Anyways I, personally, like to move. The reasons are numerous; such as, I’m a total fidgeter; as well as, an avid coffee drinker. Basically, fiddling with things runs in my blood. You… Continue Reading →

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