Speak Life

Speak life, be silly, and hear the living.

Speak life, be silly, and hear the living.

Let’s begin by saying the mouth can be both good and evil. Face it, I know I am a not a perfect person. Hence, when all the multiple arrows of motherhood come shooting at me, an occasional slip (or two) can spill.  I’m talking gushing, oozing, nastiness. Toxic words said all in the moment of passion. Sure, I’m a writer by profession… but in writing you can alter before submitting. There are no do overs with the mouth. That is why, I (you as well) have to be so conscious of our actions and chose to speak life.

To speak life, means to focus on the positive. It’s not about pretending. Furthermore, it’s not about sugar coating. It outright means that when something bad happens to us, or around us, we don’t give into its permanence. We sustain on the fact that good will overcome.

How activating events occur

No exaggeration, if I’m hungry or dehydrated, I get a little edgy. I begin to get #thatBurnout. That is why it’s important for us mamas to take care of ourselves, first. We have to find all the elements that interfere in our mission to speak life and we have to eliminate them. Okay, stop and think for a second. If I wasn’t hungry, or tired, would I have acted this way? Likewise, would I have said those things?

Next, if it’s not a physical activating event, is it a mental? Don’t shy away from me. Everyone get’s a little squeamish when it comes to mental health. Let’s be honest. Do you give yourself positive affirmations or are you bouncing around lies in your head? Mama’s, we were not meant to feel defeated. Our children were appointed to us for a reason. Remember that. You are stronger than you think.

Speak Life on Pinterest
Speak Life on Pinterest

Being silly helps with endorphins.

Speaking of silliness, it’s a proven fact that laughing helps with endorphins. Concurrently, endorphins help with our mental behavior. Go ahead, allow yourself to break your normal routine and have some fun with the kids. They need it. YOU need it. To express my point, it was said, “People will not remember what you cooked, or what you wore. They will remember how you made them feel.” Try spending less time worrying about the perfection of your home, and more time about the presence. In order to speak life, you have to be silly every once in a while.

Outside influences coming in.

Moving on, for those who don’t know the power that occurs when we speak life, let me explain. Speaking life implements hope; and, hope can move mountains. On the other hand, the opposite of hope, negativity, also exists. One or the other is going to float into your ear, and subsequently, your mind.

All around, we hear the noise of the world…and that’s just it.  Noise. Free radicals. Subliminal messages that really do nothing for our souls. Abundant and readily available all over tv and radio. In addition to that, getting into a negative mentality is easy. We all are prone to “feel a type of way.” We all have to purposefully decide to guard our ears. In order to speak life, you HAVE to hear the living.

Now, think about your children. They are sponges and we have to provide them something good to soak up. However, there’s a catch. To give out, we must also take in. The cycle goes full circle.

Wrapping up on how to speak life.

In conclusion, mamas out there, make your home a happy place. Speak life. Be Silly. And, hear the living. As parents, we have to embrace our roles to the fullest and try our best. Additionally, don’t give into any negative influences.  I’d love to hear some of your reactions to this post. Let’s open a dialogue in the comments below.


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  • Elizabeth Doren

    I really enjoy this post. There’s so much chatter about balance. Why? The dishes can sit out but my toddler won’t stop growing. What’s there to balance – I’m going to pick the fun and silly with the toddler every time. But its easy to jump to the negative (especially when hangry aka hungry and angry).

    Elizabeth Doren
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Oh mama, trust me, we know hangry! I’ve been better at it though. After 3 kids, I’ve learned that the chores will always be there. The moments with the little ones, will not. It pulled on me a lot because I used to be so picky about organization. God had grown me far beyond measure through my little ones. I’m glad you liked this post. Thanks for your comment.

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