Sitting Still Is Self-Care; Well Part Of It, Anyways

I, personally, like to move. The reasons are numerous; such as, I’m a total fidgeter; as well as, an avid coffee drinker. Basically, fiddling with things runs in my blood. You should know, at very least, if I’m trying to hide my movement, I’m secretly wiggling my toes inside of my shoes. Often, you’ll see me type while standing; and, switch seats at least twice during meals. Needless to say, when I learned that sitting still is self-care (well part of it), I kind of freaked out. 

So, back up, what is self-care?

The definition of self-care is often explained using three different types. And, they usually go a little something like this:

  • Physical- clean diet, lots of physical exercise, attention to hygiene, getting enough sleep, relaxed breathing
  • Emotional- saying positive affirmations, surrounding self with good company, thinking in quietness, accepting personal feelings, practicing self-compassion
  • Spiritual- praying, meditating, reading the Bible, going to church

Basically, when you think of the concept, it’s anything that resets your mind, body, or soul to a healthy level. If you wonder how a SAHM stays sane, self-care has got to be a part of it.

Sitting still is self-care for moms

Sitting Still Tips

And now, before we go further, I must confess.

I suck at self-care. Well, okay, not suck. I mean, when I participate, I totally rock it. But that’s the deal. If I were to say things correctly, I’m not good at practicing self-care every day. Without making excuses, I’m just going to say that, from this day forward, I promise to do tidbits of it daily. Furthermore, with my pledge, I nominated sitting still as the most necessary part.

With all broadness in definition, why choose sitting still?

Why choose the action that is the most difficult for me? Why pick the one that goes against my basic nature? Because, dear mamas, it will become intentional. I will really, purposefully, need to focus on the goal in order to accomplish it, every single day. In addition to that, I also think it’s the most effective. Just think about it. When you sit still, you allow for relaxed breathing, thinking in quietness, and meditation. All three types, covered with one act.

So, if sitting still is self-care, how do we do it?


  1. First, prepare. You’re going to be “away” for 20 minutes. Turn off notifications, make sure the kids are tended for (or sleeping), etc.
  2. Then, go to a space that is quiet and comfortable enough to sit for 20 minutes.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position, ideally Indian style. Make sure your back is straight and your head relaxed, facing forward.
  4. Close your eyes.
  5. Breathe in slowly, 3 times.
  6. Next, open your eyes and just sit quietly.
  7. Let your mind wander, but try to keep it positive.
  8. Also, try not to keep your mind on the clock.
  9.  Don’t use loud alarms. You don’t want to shock yourself into an alert state. Just guess what you feel is the correct amount of time.
  10. Ultimately, just long enough to relax. The more you practice, the more you’ll get a better sense of what 20 minutes is.

In conclusion, sitting is self-care. And, just the same, as parents, we have to do a little something daily move closer to self-actualization. Let me know if this article has influenced you to try it. Also, if you’d like to stay in the loop, subscribe to the Fullest Mom Newsletter. I tend to go a little deeper into our conversations through it, kind of like a subscriber perk.

So, for now, remember, when your hands are full, live your life to the fullest.


Fullest Mom