Is Being a Self-Taught Entrepreneur a Possibility?

Is Being a Self-Taught Entrepreneur a Possibility?

Blogging is an outlet that affords many freedoms. Post after post, I love that I can share my most candid experiences. It truly is a delicate balance between being a mother, blogger, and freelance writer. People often ask me, “Do you think I can do something similar to you?”

“Is being a self-taught entrepreneur a possibility? While I’ve previously discussed my various forms of creating income, I never really discussed it from this perspective.

What exactly would I say to a stay-at-home-mom who wants to create something of her own?

In this post, I’ll cover everything that I’ve learned thus far. From ranking in SEO to keeping sanity while raising littles, there is a lot to share. If you’ve ever asked some of the questions from above, then hang tight. This article was made specifically for you. Continue reading to learn more…

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There are many things that a person starting a business from home should know. If you ever wondered if being a self-taught entrepreneur was a possibility for you, then listen up. This post is dedicated to the self-starting business owner and lists how to come up with a financial plan, as well as the best resources for the job. You can balance motherhood with client growth using these easy tips.

Reasons to be a self-taught entrepreneur

First and foremost, the title of a stay-at-home mom is large within itself. My first set of advice for anyone, going from SAHM to self-taught entrepreneur, is to make sure you are comfortable with you. Adding another segment to your to-do list will not make you feel any better.

I don’t fill people’s web pages with content for the recognition. I do it because I am wired to write.

Since I can remember, I’ve always been a wordsmith. It helps with my anxiety and I get antsy when the words stop. So, before you start your side hustle, make sure it is something that you are really passionate about.

How to start working from home

The beginning of any business starts small and the paths differ dependant on the plan. Sure, I teach people how to start a blog, but being a self-taught entrepreneur takes a little more effort. Besides agreeing that you are passionate about your future endeavor, the next step is to decide whether you are doing this as a hobby or a business.

Is it the right time to be a self-taught entrepreneur? Asking a few simple questions will provide the answer. Continue reading for more tips about running an at-home business.
Is it the right time to be a self-taught entrepreneur? Asking a few simple questions will provide the answer. Continue reading for more tips about running an at-home business.

What’s the difference between a hobby and a business?

A hobby is something that is done for fun. You cannot claim it on your taxes because it does not generate income. There is nothing wrong with doing things as a hobby. However, to clarify, when you do things as a business you create taxable income. This income is not only used to support your household, but also your business’s future growth.

How long does it take to make money?

It truly depends on how much you are willing to invest and the type of business you start. For example, for-profit bloggers earn by using passive-income affiliates, offering services, or publishing sponsored content. Their blog is their full-time, online business.

A stay-at-home-mom can expand into a for-profit blogger by doing the following:

1. You will need to set up a blog with a few articles.
2. Next, it is vital that you write effectively to entice an audience.
3. Correlate your blog with social media outlets such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.
4. Then, you will need to network your butt off to gain blog traffic and followers.
5. Along the way, you can join a few advertising networks.
6. Or if you have the confidence, contact me to teach you how to reach out to sponsors yourself.
7. Learn about resources for automating background procedures and other technologies.
8. Hire others to fill the gaps or do the extra legwork.
9. Continue assessing growth vs. expenses and make adjustments accordingly.
10. Enjoy the work that you do.

Every step describes a chance to learn something new. The self-taught entrepreneur is not afraid to take risks or invest the time to make things happen.

My days of being both a mother and freelance writer involve a lot of coffee.
My days of being both a mother and freelance writer involve a lot of coffee.

How do you balance being a mother and running a home-based business?

I believe the same creative spark that made me want to start a business is the same spark that produces the balance. My husband and I communicate openly. He works full time so I really prefer to complete my tasks by using the children’s daily nap time. It allows us all to spend our afternoons without worrying about work.

This is why I think many mothers decide to create online businesses. The reach of the internet has no bounds. Additionally, you can set your own schedule. With advances in technology, we have more access than ever to balance both motherhood and business.

Learn something new every day

There are so many podcasts, websites, and free webinars that focus on the self-starting business owner. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Twins Mommy – Twins Mommy is set up to help moms make money specifically by blogging. Elna provides instructions about turning a blog into a thriving business.
  • Think Creative Collective – The TCC is a dual owned outlet that teaches business strategy to creative entrepreneurs.
  • Hey Jessica – Jessica helps entrepreneurs with the technical and marketing aspect of their business.

These sites are wonderful starting places to learn more about taking the leap into business ownership.

Diversify your talents

One of the most rewarding things as a solo business owner is the ability to diversify your talents. There have been many times when I was pushed out of my comfort zone. As a result, I learned new skills that I never thought possible; and now, I can offer those things to selected clients.

For example, photography is big in the blog world. When you publish a sponsored post, you often also have to publish photos to support the article. Getting comfortable behind the camera becomes second nature after a while. (View the progression of my Instagram account here.)

Additionally, if you chose to be a freelance writer, your client may also be interested in assistance uploading the content to their blog. Offering supporting tasks like these will help to build your portfolio. 

The first thing a self-taught entrepreneur should learn is how to manage expenses.
The first thing a self-taught entrepreneur should learn is how to manage expenses.

Keep your expenses low and your income high

In order to make a profit with your business, you’ll need to keep your expenses on track. This does not mean cutting corners; this simply means utilizing the correct resources. Some services that you will need to use include:

  • Quick Books – This is a digital invoicing service. You can manage profits and losses and even incoming payments. My favorite feature of this system is the ability to track overdue payments. If a client fails to pay an invoice, I can follow up with an easy reminder.
  • Tailwind – Tailwind is a social media scheduler specifically for Pinterest. It allows you to set up an unlimited number of pins or repins, so your Pinterest engagement will grow. I receive a large amount of website traffic using Tailwind and it’s very beneficial to my business. Plus, it saves me time since I can set it and forget about it for the next week or two.
  • Paypal – Paypal is great for collecting money for services as well as sending payment to others.

The fees for these services are relatively low and I feel that they essential for my business. Make sure, as you utilize these services, that you keep all of the receipts. When tax season rolls around, I claim them as part of my business expenses.

A small disclaimer about advertising

Many social media platforms will target small business owners to spend on advertising. When I was a new blogger, trying to grow, I constantly paid Facebook to improve my social media’s reach.

I quickly learned NOT to boost posts unless it was directly linked to a service that I offered.

As part of your methods to increase income and lower expenses, only put your advertising money towards things that will convert.

In regards to gaining followers or website attention, there are more cost-effective methods. It’s an entirely new post to speak of gaining quality followers, if you need help in that department, contact me for specific details. (Please mention this post.)

Becoming your own boss is exciting. Many parents become freelancers because of the flexibility.
Becoming your own boss is exciting. Many parents become freelancers because of the flexibility.

Become a self-taught entrepreneur

Are you a creative type that wants to start a blog or a business? Do you believe in becoming a self-taught entrepreneur? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

It’s so enjoyable to share the broad spectrum of my lifestyle, and I hope this post provides a bigger picture. Every day includes the fun of raising littles, cooking good meals, and other business ventures. Feel free to browse the menu if you’re looking for a certain category from this blog.

Until next time, when your hands are full, live your life to the fullest.


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