SAHM Burnout

Three Ways to Actually Overcome SAHM Burnout

Do you ever feel like everyone thinks you’re crazy? It’s as if you’re the only mom that’s going through SAHM burnout? There are several types of moms out there. Each one has a giant spot reserved in my heart; however, right now, I want to speak directly to the stay-at-home version. P

Understanding SAHM burnout

You see all those joyful working mamas packing up their purses to see real adults 5 days out of the week. Does it ever make you jealous?

When you try to discuss the matter with your childless friends, or even your spouse, do they understand?

Don’t worry, I do. I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve been there and done that. That’s why this post will cover three things you can do to understand SAHM burnout and beat the overwhelming mom blues.

Tips for the overwhelmed, stay-at-home mom

Whether it was by choice or necessity, you’re now a full-time mom. You signed up to battle tantrums, spit up, and unsolicited advice from Pinterest. Most of all, you’re doing it every single day.

It can be overwhelming.

That’s why it’s important to learn more about these feelings. Also, remember that you are NOT failing at being a stay-at-home mom.

Rather you're a new mom or experienced, SAHM burnout is real. Let's have an inspirational talk to get you through postpartum and how you can make the most of staying at home with your baby. Avoid being overwhelmed as a new mother and use these three steps.

Things SAHM moms do all day

Most SAHM wear many hats. They are responsible for the comfort, education, and safety of their children. On top of all that, most stay-at-home moms also manage the maintenance of their homes.

The problem occurs because there’s too much to do, and too little time to do it. Unlike a workforce that allows for scheduled breaks and teamwork, the stay-at-home mom is primarily on her own during the day.

It takes a lot of mothers a long period of time to adjust to this new lifestyle.

Avoiding stay-at-home mom burnout

Here are three important tips to help stay-at-home moms avoid from burning out.

1. Increase communication.

First and foremost, when you want someone to understand what you’re going through, you need to educate them. Communication with those around you is vital. However, mama, let me advise you; don’t attempt to talk about SAHM burnout while your emotions are going haywire. Instead, take a deep breath, let things cool down, then find your trusted ally to spill your guts to.

By talking about things, you get all the thoughts untangled from your mind. You also deepen the bond with the other person, which helps us feel not so isolated.

2. Occasionally, take some time away.

This is the hardest step in my book. When my children were first born, I’d come up with every excuse not to leave them. However, to avoid going through post-partum, it’s was crucial for me to take regular breaks.

3. Let go of perfection.

There’s so much talk about finding balance in the stay-at-home mom’s life. Consequently, we immediately disrupt that balance the very second we try to make things too perfect.

Kids are messy.

Life is random.

Although everyone needs clean underwear, don’t punish yourself if the laundry isn’t done.

Mom burnout help

Continue to allow yourself to grow and seek assistance as needed. There are many ways to involve friends and family for help. The next time the feeling of SAHM burnout occurs remember the tips above. Keep calm and know that you are doing the best that you can.


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