SAHM Blues Can Happen to Even Experienced Moms

Is there a proper way to introduce this subject? Sometimes Screw it, ALL THE TIME, I avoid talking about THIS subject. Why? Because I have three children. Because I’m supposed to be one of those experienced types. I’m mean, for my family to hear I’m having a hard time this late in the game… For my family to hear that my child made me cry… Won’t they question what have I been doing all of these years? Frankly, if life has dealt you a few blows and you feel like you can’t avoid the SAHM blues (even though you are a seasoned mom), I’m here to help. Let’s look at the scenario together and discuss things we can do to improve our mood. Continue reading for more.

SAHM Blues and postpartum depression can happen, even if it's not your first child. If you feel sadness after having your baby, try a few of these mood boosting tips. Being a new mom can be tough. Remember, you are not alone.

SAHM Blues and postpartum depression can happen, even if it’s not your first child. If you feel sadness after having your baby, try a few of these mood boosting tips. Being a new mom can be tough. Remember, you are not alone.

Did you rest last night?

The experienced part of me is not questioning the existence of sleep. I’m actually asking about rest. The difference? Sleep is the whole process of REM drifting and dream sequences. Rest is just being able to relax.

Honey, I haven’t slept through the night in over 6 years.

Don’t judge me, that’s just how it is when there is always a newborn in the house. On top of that, add a child that is constantly leaving their bed to cuddle, another one that has coughing fits, and a hubby that returns to the home after college night courses… (stupid engineering degree.)

Understandably, some may say, “Why haven’t you gotten that mess together?” To be honest, given all the undeclared dynamics, to me, this is together. But we are totally digressing. So, did you rest last night? The key is having some form of downtime, non-movement, for at least a couple of consecutive hours every night. Sure, sitting still is equally satisfying, but the ultimate rest occurs after several hours. It goes without saying, I notice my SAHM blues tends to kick up when I lack rest.

What about your vitamins?

Particularly speaking, vitamin D. Although there are over the counter forms, in-taking vitamin D directly from a natural source is the best. What am I talking about? The sun. Sitting in the high sun for about 10 minutes with your skin exposed will enable your body to produce its own vitamin D. Vitamin D has important roles in the body, including modulation of cell growth, neuromuscular and immune function, reduces inflammation, as well as aids in calcium absorption. If you want a little help shaking the SAHM blues, then you are going to need a little daily sun exposure.

It’s important to make room for the little things.

I can have anything in this world. Additionally, I have a very supportive family and we combine together to make ends meet. Yet, I find myself denying certain purchases or practices because I’ve got my mommy cap on. Sometimes, if we’re not careful, we can be too self-deprecating and totally X out anything that brings us further joy. Now, I’m not one to really equate material possessions as joy, (read about my home here); however, every once in a while, I feel it’s important to get that cute catch-phrased coffee mug because it makes you smile. Heck, even when it’s on sale, too.

Same goes with entertainment. To stop the SAHM blues, you are going to have to watch a little adult TV every once in a while. Constantly, having Sesame Street on rotation will drive anyone bonkers. I can’t tell you how good it felt when I discovered the show This Is Us! Seriously, I ugly cried on at least 5 episodes and the complexity of my adult brain was rejoicing. We need things that are meant for us (adults) and a little time away from kidville.

SAHM Blues; Tips to overcome mom's everyday struggle.

SAHM Blues; Tips to overcome mom’s everyday struggle.

List of other feel-good activities:

  • Go for a walk with a friend.
  • Bury your feet in the sand.
  • Look at baby pictures.
  • Take a painting class.
  • Hide in a fort with your kids.
  • Cook something sweet.
  • Read WIRED magazine.
  • Sit in a hammock outside for an afternoon.

SAHM blues does not last forever.

In most cases, SAHM blues is not a permanent thing. In fact, some moms may experience it multiple times, especially if they have multiple children. It is important to note, if you go over 6 consecutive months with sadness, then visit your doctor or therapist. I hope this post has helped, and I’m looking forward to your feedback. PPD (or postpartum depression) can recycle itself after every birth. It’s okay to go through ups and downs.

Until then, when your hands are full, live your life to the fullest.


Fullest Mom