Resources I Use to Run This Blog

January 29, 2017

This is the complete list of EVERYTHING I use to run the Fullest Mom Blog.

Not only do these items help me to gain clients, but they also help with growing my blog.

Every item on this page will have their corresponding links and descriptions.

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links. I may be compensated if you make a purchase using my links.

Writing tools and Office:

Google Keyword planning tool – Plan out your blog posts and use the very best keywords with this tool. You can view the most popular listings to curate articles specifically for your audience.

Yoast SEO – The ultimate plug-in to make sure each and every blog post is search engine optimized.

Apple MacBook Pro – A computer that gets it all done. Fast and reliable, nothing less than Apple.

Epic Blog Editorial Planner – Epic. Nothing more, nothing less. Planning is definitely the key to productivity.

Badass Blog Planner Book – Insightful and highly motivational. Moreover, this book guides bloggers to find their specific purpose and intention for their content.


GoDaddy – The only hosting company I use is GoDaddy. They offer managed WordPress hosting, as well as web security certificates and email integration. The best part, they offer 24/7 tech support.

If I need someone to look into an issue at 3 AM, there is no problem.

GoDaddy is the TOP choice for web hosting and domains.

Affiliate Programs:

Amazon Associates – This is an affiliate marketing program that offers users the ability to customize their links with either text or images. They also offer bounty programs with fixed commissions.

Not only is it very easy to become an affiliate, but the commissions begin at 4%. 

As part of the list of resources I use to grow this blog, Amazon Associates links are the easiest to add to blog posts.

There are also a ton of plugins that support Amazon, so you can edit links without even leaving your blog’s dashboard.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant –This is another great affiliate marketing program. You have to apply individually for each advertiser; however, the commissions are high.

Having a CJ Affiliate is great because they have well-known advertisers such as HelloFresh, and Corelle.

LinkShare by Rakuten – LinkShare is one of the resources we use the most. This program also requires separate agreements between advertisers but there are some really great brands with this affiliation.

Social Media:

HootSuite – This is the leading social media dashboard. You can manage multiple clients and schedule postings to several platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

I use this a lot to manage the social media tasks needed to grow my blog.

If you ever wondered how an account can post all day to their social media, plus participate in real-world activities, it’s because they scheduled it in advance. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Hootsuite Pro here.

TailwindTailwind can be described as a visual marketing suite. It works with Pinterest and they’ve just released a version for Instagram. You can schedule all of your Pinterest postings in advance and for times that are optimized for your followers.

Furthermore, if you’d like try Tailwind for 1 month free, you can sign up here.

LikeItAllThis is an extension for Google Chrome. You can queue up the links you want to like on Instagram and let it run in the background.

This is not a bot.

In fact, it uses your computer and you must be logged in for it to run. This helps me save time and keeps me from getting locked out of Instagram jail for liking too many, too fast. I queue it, put it in slow mode, and it handles the rest.


MailerLite – Free up to 1,000 subscribers, and that includes automation! This system is so easy to set up and I’m thrilled that I can make post specific PDFs go out at a click of a button.

I’ve tried a few mail provider services and this is by far the best. Sign up using and you’ll receive a $20 credit that you can use to upgrade your plan.

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Fullest Mom