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Lunches for School That Kids Actually Eat

It’s was time to start making lunches for school. My son just entered into the realm of kindergarten. To our dismay, he did not like school lunch. Furthermore, he was totally spooked by the lunch man; but, that’s a totally… Continue Reading →

Scissor skills and how to teach them

Why scissor skills? As parents, we receive a lot of advice. I often contemplate the words told to me and scissor skills always stuck out. We used to have an occupational therapist visit us once a week to help with… Continue Reading →

Stay Warm with my Classic Beef Stew and Celery Stock

Beef stew with celery stock, nothing compares! Around the house, we have a ton of celery. I decided to grow food from kitchen scraps and now we are in an over abundance. Go figure. Ask and you shall receive, right? Anyways,… Continue Reading →

Resourcefulness: Growing food from kitchen scraps

Resourcefulness: Growing food from kitchen scraps When you live in a family of 5, and only 1 full-time income, you have to be resourceful. I truly thank God for all that He has blessed us with; and also, for His ability… Continue Reading →

We’re making some DIY Natural Whipped Body Butter

We’re making some DIY natural whipped body butter Our household is going steady with our conversion to more natural products. After doing a lot of research, I’ve found a way to make a DIY natural whipped body butter. Words cannot express how happy I am with… Continue Reading →

Fajita Cube Steak That’s Melt In Your Mouth Tender

Fajita Cube Steak with DIY Fajita Seasoning Fajita cube steak is an easy dinner recipe that can be made with minimal effort. I personally love cube steak for it’s ability to prepare quickly. There have been times when I’ve gotten… Continue Reading →

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