Mompreneur; How I Got My #WAHM Act Together

Recently, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my writing, so I decided to make a post about it. I’d like to inform you that, although I do not do a traditional 9-5 job, I do indeed still work. I belong to the special sector of parents and label myself as a WAHM (work at home mom). You can even call me a mompreneur. This post is going to explain how I got my whole act together and started creating a contributing income for our household.

Please note: This post contains some affiliate links. I am compensated if you make a purchase using my affiliate links. 

First things first

I know, I’m so sequential. Everything has an order. I mean, it’s all about rocking this mompreneur thing. Hence, without further explanation, I’m going to tell you straight out, you will not earn an income overnight. You will not magically sit down, write ONE blog post, and become richer than your wildest dreams. So, my dear WAHM-in-the-making, you will need to work hard. You will need to diversify. And, lastly, or shall I say firstly, you will need to offer something viable to your customers.

What? Didn’t you know that you had customers?

On the contrary, you do. To some scale or degree, your audience is your customer. They provide feedback and potentially buy your product.

But I’m not selling anything?


You are selling your blog, as well as your knowledge. And, ultimately, you should be providing a service that will turn some of your customers, into longterm clients.

Momprenuer, Time is Money

Mompreneur, Time is Money

So, what’s my particular mompreneur specialty?

I’m a freelance writer. I work with clients to curate web content. Short and simple. This didn’t happen by making good content. This happened by making good content, providing valuable services, and marketing the HECK out of what I can offer. One of the best takeaways from a business course I took was the quote, “We’ve all got good content. Get over it. Instead of investing your days proving how good you are, find your target audience and just let them enjoy. “

And that is the sole difference that got my mompreneurship act together. By the grace of God, I’m working to become a brand. Sure, I’m more personal than, let’s say, Coca-cola but that comes with the territory.

Basically, I’m putting my marketing skills to work. It’s finding the match with people who fit my specific niche, and people that want my specific service. You wouldn’t try to sell beef patties to a vegan, right? Same exact concept.

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Take that mindset and get to work.

We will get more in-depth with future posts; however, start right now with these immediate actions.

1-Create an awesome business card. Decide what service you can offer and print some cards up. When I started, I needed cards that were affordable. I ended up going with I was simple and came out beautiful. If I ever need reprints, I just sign in an presto. Done!

2-Sign up at a freelancer job hub. I’ve had lots of success with This is not an affiliate link, I’ve just made the most bank this way. (Thought it valuable to share.)

3-Go to local trade shows that relate to your service. Talk with vendors and see how you can provide your services to them. Although the thought of being 100% online-based is nice, it can be very hit or miss. I instead, gained more long-term clients with face-to-face contacts.

4-Speaking of talk, join some amazing Facebook groups to discuss your services. Check out specific courses relating to the impact of social media and its groups.

Momprenuer, Working Mom Tips

Mompreneur, Working Mom Tips

Keep going there are 7 steps in total.

5-Start using automation. So, you need to promote your services, yes? But, you also have to do all the #mommythings, client things, AND, in addition to that, keep in contact with your audience. Automation is the only way I get everything done. For instance, a lot of my page views are accredited to Pinterest. I use a phenomenal app call Tailwind to do all my pinning automatically. It’s super easy and I can even get you your first month of the Pro version free. Pinning led to exposure and the minimal price was worth gaining the clients. Tailwind finds related topics and offers single click automation. Talk about super effective.

6-Keep on track with by using a scheduler. With all that effectiveness, you have to still make the most of your schedule. You’re going to have to be very disciplined with your time. Set limits and use Hootsuite to help. You can schedule a week’s worth of social media posting in one sitting. Great for use, even if you have multiple clients. Give it a try yourself, sign up for free here.

7-Have your dang groceries delivered. How many times have you stood in line and thought, I should be at my desk working? Look, I was reluctant because I’ve heard of membership clubs, and what not; I simply don’t want to join. However, Instacart does not require a membership. Total score. They deliver from Publix, Costco, Whole Foods, Target, and more. Use code TFULLESTMOM145 during check out to get $10 off your order, and your first delivery free. No more spending 45 minutes at the grocery store. Instead, I log on, take 10 minutes to make my lists, then I’m done. In terms of the mompreneur, time (especially nap time) is money.

8- Have your business attire delivered to you, too! Have you heard of Thred Up? It’s an online consignment store and seriously, dresses at only $4.99. No more spending time going store to store. Not only does this save time, but you will look great while passing out business cards. By the way, here’s $10 just for you! Sign up for ThredUP using this link. Not only do you receive $10 in your ThredUp account, but you also save up to 90% the latest summer styles.

And, that’s the overview.

Like I stated above, these are the overall ways I got my mompreneur game on lock. What are your tips? Until then, when your hands are full, make sure to live your life to the fullest.


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