Mommy Tips No One Mentions, Until You Do

The joy of parenting is so individual to each and every family. I’ve been at this game for over 5 years and I’m still learning. Have you ever come across some really great information that you wish all new moms could know? I’ve compiled a list of 9 mommy tips that no one really mentions. These simple parenting hacks wil send you on the way to completing your list of life goals. Continue reading to learn more.

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Mommy Tips No One Really Mentions. The best parenting hacks for day to day living and mom life. How to win as a parent and life goals for moms.


1. Tidy vs. Clean

Parenting hack number one discusses the difference between being tidy and being clean. A clean floor scattered with toys looks far worse than a dirty floor with no toys. In fact, tidy floors are deceiving. While every day should include your basic house chores and tidying, don’t forget to also disinfect and scrub every once in a while.

2. Always call ahead.

Another part of mommy tips that no one really mentions regards calling ahead to the pharmacy. There’s nothing more challenging then toting a car full of sick toddlers, only to learn there was a problem with a prescription. Make sure to always call the pharmacy to verify that your prescription is ready before you leave the house. Even better, if your pharmacy offers text alerts, then you should sign up.

9 mommy tips to help your household.

3. Removable wall decals don’t work on walls.

I’ve tried all kinds. I wanted to have those beautifully decorated kid’s rooms like you see on Pinterest. After adding three different types of adhesives, and completely ruining the pant, I finally gave up.

4. When in doubt, play KidszBop!

Nothing is better than at beating sibling rivalry than some fun music. Throw on your family’s favorite tunes and get moving.

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5. Make food taste good.

The ultimate parenting hack is to serve great tasting food. No more struggling with picky eaters or fighting over dinner. Tacos are universal and can have a wide variety of filings. When making beef tacos, go against the typical instructions on most taco seasoning packets. Do this by adding the seasoning to the meat before cooking it. Think about it. With any other type of meal, you would season the meat before cooking. Why do taco seasoning packets advise other wise?

Mommy tips and parenting hacks for your household.

6. Remember to vacuum inside of the closets.

The list of mommy tips continue and this one will help your house smell better and have less dust. Closets are the most overlooked place for dust to collect. Don’t forget to vacuum them out routinely. Additionally, keeping the closet free of clutter will give you bonus points.

7. Buy an ear scope, or ask for one with your baby shower.

Learn how to tell if your child has an ear infection. It will save you unnecessary trips to the pediatrician, and help you determine if your child just has a simple cold. Other helpful items for your child’s general healthcare include an oxygen meter, and a full range of medical tweezers.

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8. Ditch the fancy chicken cuts.

Buying regular chicken breast is WAY cheaper than buying boneless, skinless. It’s more flavorful when making chicken and yellow rice, too. Just ask the butcher at your grocer’s meat department to remove the ribs (keep the skin) and repackage for you. Call ahead if you’re planning to buy a large quantity.

9. Avoid the Pinterest performance.

Don’t get sucked into being a “Pinterest performance” mom. I use the site all the time for ideas and inspiration; however, I understand that real life is not a bowl of Pinterest. You’ll see why by checking out this tragic story on Pinterest glitter slime. Trust me, there’s no reason to lose your joy trying to obtain perfection.

What are some of your mommy tips?

Do you have any noteworthy mommy tips or parenting hack? I’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below with the details.

As always, when your hands are full, live your life to the fullest.


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