Great Mommy Morning Routine

There Are Great Ways To Have A Mommy Morning Routine

There Are Great Ways To Have A Mommy Morning Routine

Moms, let’s face it, we all scramble in the morning. It’s like, seriously, there has got to be a better way. Have you been wondering how to improve your mommy morning routine? Well, this is the post for you. I’ll break down some tips to add a little joy to your wake up.


Your mommy morning routine actually starts the night before.

It begins with preparation and a little bit of scheduling. Make a tentative plan for your day, the night before. You won’t have all the furry associated with trying to gather your thoughts, especially if those thoughts don’t have any direction. It’s so easy to get carried away with projects; or even distracted, by the misplacement of items in the morning. Speaking of which, the night before, you really should gather your keys, the kids’ backpacks, and anything else essential to walking out the door. Don’t wait until the morning when things are already in full swing.

Moving on, let the sunshine in.

A mommy morning routine that is happy is also sprinkled with sunshine. There are two reasons for this. The sun physically wakes you up; and, the sun also, mentally, brightens your mood. My  first task in the morning, (besides peeing), is to open up the blinds. Let those glorious welcoming rays shine in. Not only do I enjoy the sunshine, but my kiddos do, too.

Start coffee and breakfast.

I cannot live without coffee. Sometimes, I wonder if I should join a support group, but I guess we’ll talk about that some other time. Nevertheless, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good breakfast. Sure, you may not have time for the full turkey bacon and egg whites thing; but at very least, don’t skip on some form of nourishment.

Look me in the eyes and promise! Yes, I’m that serious!

Do something as easy as yogurt, or oatmeal. Your tummy will thank you. Besides, you have to make something for the kids anyways. Why not eat with them, too?

Mommy Morning Routine
Great Mommy Morning Routines

Use products that are easy.

Then, next thing on my agenda is to do a diaper change to the youngest. I joined Seventh Generation’s online community and received #freeSamples of their Free & Clear wipes in the mail. They have been very helpful because 1 wipe is all it takes. They are thick; but, best of all, they are non-toxic. Love that about the brand. Their products just work if you know what I’m saying.

By using products that are easy, you free up the fuss of your mommy morning routine. Trust me, this is not the time to fool around with things like baby leg warmers, or baby perfume. Change their diaper, use good wipes, put them in some pants, and move on.

Fast is slow, slow is fast.

My hubby learned that in the army. I won’t say it’s official; but, it’s true. We say it all the time in our house. When we rush we get careless. Carelessness leads to mistakes and ultimately utilizes more time than originally intended. So, even though you are in a crunch, keep your mommy morning routine at a realistic pace. If you find yourself getting frantic, pause and regroup your focus. You don’t want to end up yelling at the kids. Do the process one step at a time.

Tell me about your mommy morning routine.

What are your best strategies? I’d like to hear. Leave a comment below; and, while you’re at it, sign up for the Fullest Mom newsletter here. We get a little deeper with #momGoals and I get to share a little more candidly than on this blog. (In other words, newsletters don’t pertain to SEO rules. LOL)

Until then, when your hands are full, remember to live your life to the fullest.


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  • Laura Roth

    My biggest challenge is slowing down so that everyone enjoys the morning and things can be really productive (and even enjoy some snuggles)!

    Laura Roth
    • Post authorFullestMom

      I am a big believer in snuggles before see you laters. Makes a difference for the memory bank 🙂

  • Stacy- Taylor411

    Great tips on the morning routines. The very first thing on my routine list involves diaper changes and sippy cups. Once the kiddos are settled then they let me cook breakfast and start the day.

    Stacy- Taylor411
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Yes. The diaper change is essential. Have you tried the Seventh Generation wipes? They are thick and I find less fussy. Makes morning a little easier.

  • Colleen Wool

    I raised4 kids and i know it takes a lot to get going especially in the morning.

    Colleen Wool
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Hopefully these tips will still benefit. Have a great day mama.

  • Georgiana

    Fast is slow, slow is fast—WOW. I haven’t heard this before but it makes SO much sense. OK….I need to really work on this area because lately I’m always frantic, though usually it’s in the afternoons when we’re trying to get out of the house for sports and evening activities.

    • Post authorFullestMom

      Yes. It’s a usual saying in our household. Really helps to focus, especially when doing a time critical task. Thank you for commenting. Take care.

  • jasmine hewitt

    Great tips! I use the sun to wake up too!

    jasmine hewitt
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Thank you. Let the sunshine in!

  • Dean of Little Steps

    Great tips! Especially love the “Fast is slow” advice. Makes so much sense. My husband knows not to speak to me in the mornings, especially when I’m rushing my daughter to school, if not I’ll bite his head off! 😉

    Dean of Little Steps
    • Post authorFullestMom

      LOL. Well hopefully these tips will change that. Give them a try. Thank you for commenting. Take care mama.

  • Stefani @ Crafty Christian

    I think I may need a support group for my coffee addiction too… but then I realize, coffee is my support group 😉 But seriously, I’ve had to give up coffee this month and it hasn’t been pretty. It hasn’t even been successful! Gahhhh

    Stefani @ Crafty Christian
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Hang in there love. You can do it!

  • Jessica Moore

    My best strategy is to make sure I’m awake FIRST even if that means setting my alarm earlier. If I can wake at my own pace things go much better than if one or three kinders are pouncing me.

    Jessica Moore
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Very true. Thank you for your comment!

  • Mary Barham

    My morning routine starts my day of in a great way…. if I don’t get up at 5…. I don’t feel like the day will run smoothly… and I am def the same… HAVE TO HAVE THAT COFFEE FIRST THING haha

    Mary Barham
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Yes, Jesus and coffee! Amen!

  • Alicia Owen

    I have to disagree with baby leg warmers. SO much easier to get on than pants! ha ha At least for me. 😉

    Alicia Owen
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Ha Ha. Maybe we need to see them in action. They just always fell off ours. Thanks for commenting. Have a great day 🙂

  • Alexandria

    We have a saying like your “Fast is slow, slow is fast” It goes – Haste makes waste. Great blog post! I’m going to try to get more done the night before. Morning mommy will thank me I’m sure!

    • Post authorFullestMom

      Let us know how it goes. Prep is the key to most functions. Take care mama!

  • Jen

    Great tips! My best strategy is to wake up about 30 minutes before the kids and grab a cup of coffee while i relax and plan my day.

    • Post authorFullestMom

      Yes, coffee time is important 🙂 Thanks for your feedback!

  • Erin @ Stay at Home Yogi

    Great tips here! 🙂 My mornings always run smoother when I wake up earlier than the kids. Having those first sips of coffee while the house is still quiet is crucial! 🙂

    Erin @ Stay at Home Yogi
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Amen to coffee! Thank you for your comment.

  • Ellie Augustin

    As a mama of 4 morning routines are the only way to get things done. I have learned over the years that I need at least 15 mins before the day starts to myself so I can (sort of) get me together then go and start our “rush hr”

    Ellie Augustin
    • Post authorFullestMom

      LOL. Love the title rush hour. Glad you have got your routine down packed. Thank you for commenting. Take care.

  • Tiffany | shortsweetmom

    I totally agree with you that a good morning starts the night before. We always have overnight oats ready to go. This is a huge time saver in the morning. I also like the point about taking things slow. Your hubby is on to something. Thank you for these wonderful tips!

    Tiffany | shortsweetmom
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Overnight oats are the best! Yep, when we are flustered and rushing, it leads to more mistakes and overall, more waste of time. Thanks for commenting. Take care.

  • April

    Wonderful ideas!!! We also prefer the “night before” as the optimal time to start our morning right!!

    • Post authorFullestMom

      Thank you, April. Yes, it’s the easiest way to prepare.

  • shann eva

    Great tips! Definitely have to plan the night before…picking out school clothes, packing lunches, and even just thinking about breakfast helps. I love your idea about using simple products too. We use wipes for everything in our house, so those 7th Generation ones sound fantastic.

    shann eva
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