Fullest Fifteen: Introducing Mom Blogger Melissa Castan

Mom Blogger Melissa Castan from Baby Castan on Board

Mom Blogger Melissa Castan from Baby Castan on Board

We’re back with the Fullest Fifteen. We asked fifteen more questions to a mama blogger that has inspired us. It’s uncut. It’s uncensored. This month, we introduce mom blogger Melissa Castan. When this busy mom is not on the go, she’s including us on her motherhood journey. Her site is  Baby Castan On Board and it shows the adventures of this first time mama. Continue reading for the full interview.

We’re interviewing Mom Blogger Melissa Castan. Here’s her blog’s top post: Transitioning to the Crib

Short Bio: I’m Melissa! I am a mama to my baby boy Aiden, and a wife to my police husband Dan. We live in Northern Virginia. I work full time as a meeting planner for several non-profits, one of which is international, so I travel several times a year.

Here we go, Round 1 Intro:

1. What is the name of your blog? Baby Castan on Board

2. What is it about? Experiences of a first-time mom with useful posts for first-time and new moms.

3. How many children do you have? 1

4. Did your blog start before or after your first child? After

5. Do your children attribute to the content of your blog? Yes.

6. How? My blog is about my experience as a first-time mom. There is so much to learn; and there is always new information, and new products that come out, to help moms. In the first few months, I remember feeling very alone and overwhelmed, even though I had a great support system around me. Although everything that works for me, and Aiden, may not work for every mom and baby, I hope that my blog helps moms feel less alone and that they aren’t going through this alone. Hopefully, it will give some ideas because I have learned that parenting is a lot of trial and error!

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Round 2: Would you Rather?

7. Would you rather eat spinach or fold laundry? I love spinach and hate laundry; so definitely, eat spinach!

8. How about dishes or sweeping? Sweeping, but that’s a close one.

9. What activities does your family like to do best? Anything outdoors! Hiking, walking, visiting parks, those kinds of things.

10. Indoors or outdoors? Outdoors!

Fullest Fifteen: Interview with Mom Blogger Melissa Castan

Fullest Fifteen: Interview with Mom Blogger Melissa Castan

Round 3: Inspirations:

11. What inspires you?  Aiden, for sure. That’s probably cliche, but I just love the way he looks at life –everything is new and he is fearless. I hope he never loses that.

12. Would you let your oldest wear a princess dress, sunup to sundown, for a week straight? If I had a girl — sure! Aiden can dress as a Prince 🙂 If it makes him happy and he is having fun then go for it! I’m a big fan of the quote “let them be little!”

13. Do you play toys with your son? Yes. Sometimes I actually think I am having more fun!

14. What’s a mommy tip you’ve learned along the way? Swaddling makes a huge difference during the first few months. Even if you think they don’t like being swaddled that actually means they probably need the swaddle more!

15. How do you live your life to the fullest? By trying not to take a single day for granted; and I try not to wish days away. I have lost some people young. I just can’t imagine not being here and watching all the beauty that surrounds us, or my little guy grow up!

This concludes our interview with mom blogger Melissa Castan.

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