Fullest Fifteen: Introducing Mom Blogger Kendra

Mom Blogger Kendra from Mrs. Doing My Best

Mom Blogger Kendra from Mrs. Doing My Best

It’s time for another Fullest Fifteen. We’ve asked a mom blogger, that’s touched our hearts, fifteen questions about her #momLife and blogging. It’s uncut. Moreover, it’s uncensored. This time, we’re introducing mom blogger Kendra. She is a self-admitted perfectionist doing her very best, every single day. You can see her site (immaculately called) at  Mrs. Doing My Best. Continue reading for the full interview.

We’re interviewing Mom Blogger Kendra. Here’s her blog’s top post: 3 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Spouse

Short Bio: I was raised and currently live in the mid-west.  I was married in 2004 to Mr. Doing My Best.  We traveled near and far before having kids in 2011.  In less than 18 months, we grew our family to include our 2 beautiful kiddos.   Our house was busy enough, but I couldn’t resist adding a puppy to the mix in early 2016.

During the week you can find me in corporate America (3 days/week) or at home making banana muffins in my jammies with my 2 adorable kiddos (2 days/week).  My family is my life.  Mr. Doing My Best is a hard working finance nut who loves to wrestle with the kiddos in the evenings and help me with my organization projects on the weekends.

I am obsessed with efficiency, organization, and my family (not in that order).  In the evenings (or late morning), I enjoy sitting back and enjoying a glass (or bottle) of wine.

Mom Blogger Kendra and the Mrs. Doing My Best Family

Mom Blogger Kendra and the Mrs. Doing My Best Family

Here we go, Round 1 Intro:

1. What is the name of your blog? Mrs. Doing My Best

2. What is it about?  Sharing my ideas on how to survive (and enjoy) life as a mom with young kids!

3. How many children do you have? 2 – 1 boy, 1 girl (PLUS 1 fur baby)

4. Did your blog start before or after your first child? After

5. Do your children attribute to the content of your blog? Yes!  They are a part of ALL of me!

6. How?  I learn so much from them!  Things I have learned since they were born:  to cook (we call it that), patience (everyday effort), out of the box thinking, how to function when extremely tired, how to have a life outside my kids, and the list really goes on and on…

Round 2: Would you Rather?

We’re interviewing mom blogger Kendra. In this section, we will give a pop quiz with the theme, Would You Rather?

7. Would you rather eat spinach or fold laundry? Fold laundry – I can watch TV while I do that.  I do love spinach though!

8. How about dishes or sweeping? Sweeping.  There is some weird satisfaction cleaning the hardwood floors.

9. What activities does your family like to do best? Playing games (Uno is a favorite), Vacationing (great memories are made when away), exploring outside, riding bikes / walking on nearby trails,

10. Indoors or outdoors? BOTH!  We love being outside when the weather is nice.  If it gets cold (under 65 is cold to me) inside games are great!

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Fullest Fifteen: Introducing Mom Blogger Kendra

Fullest Fifteen: Introducing Mom Blogger Kendra

Round 3: Inspirations:

Now we’re going a little more in-depth with Kendra from Mrs. Doing My Best. Here are the things that inspires her.

11. Would you let your oldest wear a princess dress, sunup to sundown, for a week straight?  Well, my oldest is a boy but no judgement here!  I would have trouble with anyone wearing anything for a week straight.  Remember, I am a recovering perfectionist.

12. Do you play toys with the kids? Of course!  We had a tea party picnic today at lunch!

13. What inspires you?

I am a new blogger, and I am inspired by all the other moms that are blogging.  The amount of time that it takes is MUCH more than I anticipated.  I love the creativity, but the nuts and bolts of blogging can drag me down.  When I see other moms working it and doing it…it reignites the energy inside! I can do it!  

14. What’s a mommy tip you’ve learned along the way?

Having a plan or schedule is crucial for me and my kids.   It had them both sleeping through the night by 3 months (mama needs sleep).  We all need to know what is coming and what to expect.  It is great to be flexible, but I like to have at least an outline of the day!

15. How do you live your life to the fullest?

I live life to the fullest when I let go a little and try new things that are unknown!  Blogging has been a journey that has stretched me out of my comfort zone.  Right now the balancing act of being available for my family, keeping up on my blog, connecting with friends, remaining involved in my community, and staying on top of household responsibilities has me at max capacity!  I am living life to the fullest by doing things I love and keeping up with everything else! 

This concludes our interview with mom blogger Kendra.

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