Quick and easy lunches for school

Lunches for School That Kids Actually Eat

My son just entered into the realm of kindergarten. To our dismay, he did not like school lunch. Furthermore, he was totally spooked by the lunch man; but, that’s a totally different topic. (No hating to you lunch people out there). Because of that, it was time to start making lunches for school.

Needless to say, I wanted them to be quick and easy to prepare. It’s also important for me to have confidence in my son’s lunch. I remember, very specifically, the food that was served to me when I was a child. I recollect how much love and attention my mother put into my lunches as a child. My little mister deserves the same thing.

There’s also the issue of nutrition.

This is the most challenging part. I want my kids to eat healthy, of course. Although, I do feel that an occasional snack or two never hurt anyone, the foundation of intake has to be built on sustenance. Even more so, I believe if he doesn’t have (for example) enough protein during breakfast, he can work it into his lunch. I like to look at the entire day’s food cycle, not just each individual meal. We, as mothers, offer. And, we provide. But, if they choose to wait until later, I’m not going to stress. Heck, there’s enough sibling rivalry to worry about. I’m not going to make lunch a disaster, too.

Quick and easy lunches perfect for school.
Quick and easy lunches perfect for school.

10 quick and easy lunches for school:

  1. Hard boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes cut in half. Add blueberries and string cheese to finish.
  2. Whole wheat bread with cream cheese, red bell pepper slices. Add apple slices and pretzels on the side.
  3. Cubes of roasted chicken and bowtie pasta. Place grapes and goldfish as an ending snack.
  4. Tortilla filled with sliced turkey and swiss cheese. Add celery sticks and peanut butter as well.
  5. Chicken and corn salad. Add string cheese on the side.
  6. Tunafish sandwich. Serve with cucumbers, carrots, and hummus on the side.
  7. Deli ham slices with brown rice. Serve peaches and crackers along with it.
  8. Old fashioned peanut butter and jelly. Serve with a banana and dried cranberries.
  9. Cold pizza. Bring along with pretzels and 1 cookie.
  10. String cheese with whole wheat crackers. Broccoli florets with light raspberry dressing. For dessert, a piece of banana bread.

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One final thought…

Lastly, one final thought regarding lunches for school. I think working with a wide variety of items will combat boredom. You can feel confident that your child will have a nutritious lunch, even when they are at school. Let the kid’s get involved in the packing process. Furthermore, expose them to all the goodness your kitchen has to offer. Taking a little part of home with them, in their lunchbox, will make their days better. Lastly, remember to sneak in a special note every once in a while, too.


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  • J. Ivy Boyter

    One of my favorites to pack is pepperoni, cheese, berries/fruit, and veggies. Might add cracker or chips. I rarely pack a treat like a cookie. So thankful my daughter likes healthy food as much as her junk food, so I get away with packing healthy stuff in lunch and she can have cookies at home!
    Great list. Thank you!

    J. Ivy Boyter
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Thanks. Pepperoni is a great suggestion, my middle one loves it. She’s the more picky one (might I add). My boy eats like me. He loves fruits. Here’s to enjoying all the deliciousness 🙂

  • Stefani @ Crafty Christian

    Boredom is really difficult to combat with little kids! Love all the different options, flavors & textures on this list!

    Stefani @ Crafty Christian
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Yes, texture is a big thing in our house. Personally, I like crunchy things. Thanks for commenting.

  • Georgiana

    I remember packing school lunches, and I was terrible at it! Great list, and I love the suggestion to involve the child in the packing.

    • Post authorFullestMom

      I’ve found that the kids are more prone to eating when they feel they had a part of it. It’s fun and it also makes packing easier. Thanks for your comment. Have a great night.

  • Shann Eva

    Thank you for all of the ideas! It is so hard for me to think of new things for my oldest to eat. He’s a really slow eater, so I need to pick things that are easy too. The tortilla wraps, hard boiled eggs, and any sandwiches are great for him to eat quickly.

    Shann Eva
    • Post authorFullestMom

      No problem. Glad the ideas can be of use. My son’s personal fav is the boiled egg. Alternately, he could smash it on some bread and add 1/2 a pack of the individual wrapped mayonnaise. Slow eaters, I can imagine, need things that are precut. Like cheese squares, trail mix, and diced fruit. Here’s to success with our children’s lunchbox.

  • Julie

    These are some great ideas. I’m intrigued by the sandwich with a bell pepper instead of meat.

    • Post authorFullestMom

      My son is not a terribly big meat eater. If he had it his way, he’d eat nothing but fruits, and a few veggies. I think it’s the crunchiness factor. Also, he’s been having a lot of questions about treatment of animals. Toddler problems, I know. Anywhoo, give it a try. It’s very good. Personally for myself, I add cucumber, too.

  • Susan Croox

    It’s awesome your son will eat those nutritious lunches! My son would prefer to have Greek yogurt every day for lunch 😂

    Susan Croox
    • Post authorFullestMom

      My son is the variety seeker. My middle daughter, not so much. She’s just now opening her pallet but we have to do it carefully. She has a dairy allergy, but it only flares up with certain products. I’m hoping that means she’s on the verge of overcoming it but who knows. As long as it’s not straight up candy, I’d say it’s okay 🙂


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