Love Motherhood Deeply and Build Your Home Intentionally

Becoming a mom will change you. As much as female empowerment proclaims, “I’m still going to hold onto myself,” when you become a mom, it’s really time to let that mess go. No doubt, you can enjoy life (tinker with whatever you did pre-children); but in essence, being a mom will consume you. That is okay. Embrace it. By finding happiness and learning to love motherhood deeply, you can find rest even in the overwhelm.


Tips to Love Motherhood Deeply

Tips to Love Motherhood Deeply

Because everyone has bad days.

We have days when our homes are destroyed, both literally and metaphorically. We’ve yelled at the kids. We’ve thrown dishes (or at least, admittedly, I have.) As moms, we can have bad days; and not love motherhood deeply, or even at all. Sometimes, it is beyond our understanding as to why God chose us for this care-taking role.

Building a strong home

Our roof after the fire

…And then, more curveballs come. The LITERAL part of the destruction of our homes. No one prepares us for the bad days when the actions were not ours, and things went out of control.

We had a house fire. It was a battery on a charger that started in the garage.  It took only ten seconds to spread to the remainder of the house. We barely made it across the street when the rest of the explosions started. There were no injuries. They deemed it a total loss. Not so total, in my opinion.

Before and After. Rebuild Your Home Intentionally.

Top: 4 months after. Bottom: 1 year after.

Don’t we all just want to relate?

Fast forward to a year and 8 months later. A time after all the crying, and displacement, and insurance litigation. A time, such as now, when we are moved back in and starting to refurbish. My soul has matured with all of the previous challenges our family has faced. In the literal sense, we’re going to keep it minimalistic. You can see our first steps in mindful decor here on my Instagram feed.

Love Motherhood Deeply and Rebuild Intently

1 year and 8 months after

However, in the metaphorical sense of rebuilding my family, there is not so much strategy. I want to build up my home intentionally. Yet, I still struggle with loving motherhood deeply. It’s mind-boggling because everyday mental flashbacks show that I was so close to not even being a mommy anymore. It’s that inner drive that wants to reach others that are also struggling. Or, more precisely, others that just want to know they are human; and that somebody out there relates.

Viewpoints on motherhood vary.

Sure, we are good moms. Great moms, too. We cook dinner and play with the kids. We take them places and tuck them in at night. From sun up to sun down, everything is dealt with for the sake of our families. But, without judgment (because every household is different), I really want to honestly ask, is being a mom ever 100% sunshine and roses? Does it get easier?

Can we face motherhood eye to eye? Are we able to grab it, and shake it, and accept it… just as it is?

My answer is a straight up, hell yes! Sure, viewpoints on motherhood vary; yet, on the other hand, I’ve found commonality for the yearning of love. In regards to our loved ones, our hearts beat passionate and strong with potential. We ALL desire the best for our children. We ALL want to love motherhood deeply.

Open your heart and love motherhood deeply

Open your heart and love motherhood deeply

Ways to love motherhood deeply:

  1. Look at your child’s old photographs. Nothing pulls at the heartstrings more than seeing your child when they were at their most innocent. Looking at photos from the infant stage will rekindle the passionate flames of motherhood within your heart.
  2. Think about all the challenges you’ve overcome. Whether it is teething, colic, or broken bones, remember your strength and how you and your family pushed passed. You are a strong mom with many stripes of courage.
  3. Understand that perfect is really imperfect. The best of motherhood is not choreographed or Instagram worthy. It is sparatic and imperfect.
  4. Write in a journal. This journal will have the specific task of expressing your dreams and desires for your child. Keep a sacred place to manifest all of your hopes for them. Additionally, refer to it on the tough days and keep high regard for your family within your thoughts.
  5. Hug them often. Something changes in our neurons when we hug the ones we love. Plus it just plain feels good to get a squeeze from your smiling child.
  6. Help a child outside of your home. Sometimes, we need a reminder of how to have a servant’s heart for others. Helping a child outside of your home will give you a fresh frame of reference.
  7. Sit still and breathe. Clear your head. Get some fresh air. Calm down and pray.

Lastly, go step by step.

Finally, to love motherhood deeply, you have to take it one step at a time. There is no magical rule book in parenting. In conclusion, I encourage you to find other moms to lean on for support and join our newsletter. Additionally, shoot me a message or comment below if you ever need a pick me up. Until then, remember the motto. When your hands are full, live your life to the fullest.


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