How to Influence Your Child More Than the Internet

How to Influence Your Child More Than the Internet

The news is unsettling. I don’t even bother to read the reports because the headlines say it all. Of course there are things that parents should watch out for; however, social media plays a role like never before. How do you influence your child more than the internet?

Continue reading to understand the effects of parental guidance and childhood behavior.

Influence your child to do good things

There are many reasons a parent will want to influence their child to do good things. Not only for the child’s safety but also for their mental well-being. We have to take proactive steps to encourage our children to build their integrity.

Using grace and patience, we can lead our children to their full potential. Influence your child to do good things.
Using grace and patience, we can lead our children to their full potential. Influence your child to do good things and participate in activities that build self-worth.

We’re dealing with something much different…

The cliques within the digital world can’t physically touch our children. Yet, there are bullies all the same. To me, having an online altercation is just as hurtful, sometimes even more so.

When we fought as children (in the real world), we healed our wounds and the fight was over. But in the digital sense, the attacks are on our characters. It’s not easy to heal something like that.

..mixed together with an undeveloped mind.

So now, add the fact that our children don’t even have a grand sense of the stuff they see before them. An undeveloped mind mixed with the confusion of the digital world is enough to create havoc on a child’s sense of being.

It’s time to step up. It’s time to step in. Learn how to have more influence on your child more than the internet.

Provide activities that will engage their creativity. Influence your child by supporting their interests.
Provide activities that will engage their creativity. Influence your child by supporting their interests.

How to protect your child from bad influences:

These easy to understand methods will provide the building blocks for stronger influence in your child’s life.

1. Limit screen time

Of course, it’s obvious, but let’s get it out of the way. Limiting screen time essentially limits access to foreign information. While you cannot control EVERYTHING your child sees throughout their day, the main content should come from home.

2. Allow outlets for energy, curiosity, and creativity

It’s quite possible that children are attracted to online sources, such as YouTube, because of their natural curiosity to learn. In the real world, they can only see what you show them. Online, they can see much more.

We all know, the internet isn’t always good for children.

Providing outlets for your child’s energy and creativity will soothe this need. Let them explore through open-ended art or visual learning.

3. Bond according to their quirks

The main desire in life is to feel accepted. Children are especially prone. Knowing what makes your child unique will give you the opportunity to create stronger family bonds. Do activities together that make them feel special.

For instance, my middle child loves to sing. She’s normally pretty shy, but in the comfort of her own home, we let her whale. She expresses so much joy by having us watch hold concerts, in person, in real life.

We show our children our presence so they do not seek it from the internet. Their specialness, and God-given traits are amplified at home.

4. Balance kindness and discipline

It’s easy to get carried away in the rules of discipline. Remember to balance it out with kindness. Before you address something that your child needs improvement on, take a deep breath.

Does it need attention now?

Are they doing the unwanted behavior with intention?

Answering those simple questions will put things into perspective.

5. Show them how important they are

Don’t be afraid to tell your child how much you love them. Explain how they are important and what they do matters. Everyone has their special piece within the family pie, help your child to understand that.

Influence your child by focusing on their integrity.
Influence your child by focusing on their integrity.

Parental influence on a child’s behavior

Parents, you have the ability to influence your child in the most direct manner. Using grace and patience, we can lead our children to their full potential. I wish you all the best in your household. Leave me a comment below with your thoughts.


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Protect your child from bad influences. Learn how parental guidance effects child behavior. Read this simple guide to influence your child to do good things.

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  • Shelby

    This is a great post. My kids love their screen time and their tablet time so this is a great reminder of ways to engage with them in ways that the internet can’t. Thank you for posting this!

    • Post authorFullestMom

      It’s a new age, with many challenges. Just take things step by step, and moment by moment.

  • Amanda

    As a parent your role is SO important, thanks for the reminder 🙂

    • Post authorFullestMom

      Many hugs mama <3

  • kristen

    These were all very important points! All so very true.

    • Post authorFullestMom

      Thank you, Kristen. Glad it was relatable.

  • Marna Altman

    Love this piece! Such great reminders and I love the idea of leading with “grace and patience”. It so beautiful.

    Marna Altman
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Thank you kindly. My hopes are to help families by providing whole and practical solutions.

  • Lisa

    I love these ideas! It is so important to actively build that relationship and influence your kids, especially in the age of social media. I like the idea of bonding using their quirks!

    • Post authorFullestMom

      I was listening to a documentary and it compared our youth to our children’s youth. Social media is an extra layer that their undeveloped minds are not prepared for. We work every day to come to a better point. My prayers are for parents to take back their children.

  • Sarah @ Sweet Miles

    These are great tips. Limiting screen time right now is our biggest struggle!

    Sarah @ Sweet Miles
    • Post authorFullestMom

      We have issues, too. I did a lot of reflecting to write this post. The tips above have helped us personally.

  • Sarah

    Great tips! I love the idea of bonding toward their quirks!

    • Post authorFullestMom

      Thank you. It helps to make them feel individualized. Small steps, every day <3

  • Kristin

    I lose sleep over this issue all the time. Social media can be a wonderful thing if kept in perspective, but it has created a level of bullying that none of us have ever encountered before. Thank you for these wonderful suggestions for ways to work on reducing the threat!

  • Anh

    This is such a great post! I try and limit screen time with my toddler. I want him to explore nature and unleash his creativity.


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