Important Lessons That Will One Day Make Your Child An Awesome Adult

Important Lessons That Will One Day Make Your Child an Awesome Adult

I think of my children a lot. Like, almost obsessively. I wonder who they will become; and how the things they are taught contribute to their overall success. Alongside my husband, we desire to teach our three littles all of the important lessons that will one day make them awesome adults. We encourage their strengths and take a proactive approach to teach things such as creativity, empathy, respect, and self-sustainability.

There’s so much more to life than academics.

Although they are essentially important, I feel that my job as a parent stretches further than teaching only letters and numbers. Don’t get me wrong, we have story time, advocate reading, and even do our fair share of scissor practice. However, children need to be exposed to things beyond the classroom. They need to be taught how to coexist gracefully, as well as a few practical lessons that aid in their contributions to society.

These important lessons will create more helpful adults

This may be controversial; but, you cannot help others if you can’t even help yourself. This is why these important lessons are so vital. I want my children to have the life skills to empower themselves, and eventually use that knowledge to assist others. Like for instance, taking my children to take part in tennis lessons to develop teamwork. Our teachers do a tremendous and selfless job of educating our children academically. It’s time for parents to do their part with the rest.

So here it is; continue reading to view my list of very important lessons to teach your child.

There's more to life than just academics. Important lessons and quotes that all parents should teach their children.
There’s more to life than just academics. Important lessons and quotes that all parents should teach their children.

1. How to properly display, care, and retire their country’s flag. 

There is a reverence that goes along with this act. It teaches your child how to honor their country and respect patriotism. Explaining the symbolism of the flag will help your child understand why it’s part of their important lessons. Did you know, if you have an American flag ready for retirement, you can take it to your local Veterans of Foreign WarsAmerican Legion, or Boy Scouts of America. All of these organizations offer proper disposal services and pamphlets for proper care.

2. How to volunteer.

Next, on the list of important lessons, parents need to teach their children how to volunteer. This act helps children with empathy and shows them how to care beyond themselves. It also stretches them past helping only their personal friends and family, too. It’s about aiding a person in need, not because we are determining their worthiness; but instead, because it’s the right thing to do. A good place to start is at your local church or school. Feed a belly, and provide some comfort and kindness to another soul. It’s a life skill well learned and appreciated.

3. How to donate.

We are cluttered with stuff. We, at times, hoard more than we need to. What a waste it would be to simply throw our things considered junk, away. As long as the items are in good condition, teach your children how to donate them. Several agencies will even arrange a pick up from your home. The act of donating will make a child think twice about waste and purpose.

Moreover, parents should teach their children not only to donate second-hand items but first goods as well. Occasionally buy something thoughtful, new, and of the first fruits for others. A little can go a long way for a person stuck in the overwhelm of the world.

Important Lessons That Will One Day Make Your Child An Awesome Adult. Life skills and things parents should teach their child. How to raise them well.

4. How to grow food.

The act of growing food helps children connect with it. My littles, in particular, love to watch their garden grow. Teaching children how to grow food will make them aware of all the hard work that goes into agriculture.

5. How to prepare food.

For goodness sakes, teach your child how to cook at least 1 decent breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That doesn’t mean cereal either. Show them cooking basics so they don’t go hungry. Even if you are not a classically trained chef, it will benefit the entire family to practice the fundamental. Get started by learning how to make the greatest ever roasted chicken here.

6. How to respect others.

This, in my opinion, is one of the most important lessons to teach your child. People are precious. All people should be respected regardless of how diverse they may be. To respect others means to use kind words and actions. More often than not, I feel that people disagree and have conflicts, simply because they do not empathize the other person’s point of view. Show your child that disagreements can occur, but we must respect each other regardless.

Of course, there are infinite teachings that occur during a lifetime. This list of important lessons to teach your child is just a jumping off point. So, enjoy your little sponges, dear mamas. Let them soak up all you have to show them.

And as always, when your hands are full, live life to the fullest.


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