Home Tour: Minimalism for a Party of Five

I’m taking the plunge. I’m talking about a part of my life that I’ve avoided… on several occasions. You see, our home caught fire over two years ago. Thankfully, we rebuilt and now I’m inviting you on an epic home tour. We avoided injury and gained a new found freedom with less stuff. Through the process, we essentially converted to minimalism. If you’re into simple styling with sleek lines, then you’re going to love this feature. Moreover, if you’re curious about minimalism in general, I invite you to join. Let’s start this home tour off right and jump straight into the whys, how-to’s, and benefits of it all. Continue reading to learn more.

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Come on a home tour with me. I'll show you the interior design and home element details. For a family that practices minimalism, our home has everything it needs; without the clutter. Reasons for being a minimalist are demonstrated during this home tour. Enjoy the simple color pallets and easy design space.

Come on a home tour with me. I’ll show you the interior design and home element details. For a family that practices minimalism, our home has everything it needs; without the clutter. Reasons for being a minimalist are demonstrated during this home tour. Enjoy the simple color pallets and easy design space.

The fire was a blessing in disguise

About a year ago, I wrote a post about building your home intentionally. I touched briefly about the fire and how we were blessed that no one was hurt. Then I shared a few photos and left it at that. I wanted to spare everyone the details, but the lessons I learned continued to weigh on my heart day after day. I finally had to write it all down.

So, in fact, the fire was a blessing in disguise. To explain, you have to understand that we had way too much stuff around our home. One of the things I remember about the situation was the aftermath. I recall where the fire personnel pushed over decorative tables and wall hangings just to get through the front door. I could see where shelving and plaques were knocked down simply because there was not enough room to carry those heavy hoses down the hallway. Every square inch of our house used to have adornments and clutter. The fire personnel had a hard time getting around. If I could give one valid reason to become a minimalist, it would be to help if there were ever an emergency.

Let’s talk design

The bulk of our home was destroyed, so returning it back to a livable condition took over a year and a half. Though this may seem like an eternity for some, it was actually helpful for us. We had the ability to make thoughtful decisions about design without rushing. After several drafts, we ended up with an open floor plan. The living room and kitchen are together in one room. Living in a space like this is great and the area continues to be the epicenter of attention. Everyone enjoys spending the majority of their time here and it leaves our bedrooms mainly for sleeping.

Home Tour: Discussing our open floor plan and minimalist design

Home Tour: Discussing our open floor plan and minimalist design

The view of the living room while standing in the kitchen.

The view of the living room while standing in the kitchen.

This home tour is chock full of photos. We give each piece lots of space to have to allow freedom of movement. Minimalism is not about having less, it’s about having only what’s important or beautiful. As you can see, our house is not perfect. Our three kids leave toys around; there are occasional fingerprints and crumbs. However, what matters is that everything in our minimalistic home is intentional and serves a daily purpose. We don’t rush to replace, but instead, use everything to its full capacity. When we decide to make purchases for the home, we do so slowly.

Home Tour and Color Pantone

Three main colors for the entire house

We have three main colors throughout our entire house. Every room has silver walls and white baseboards.  We kept the cabinet construction consistent throughout our home as well, essentially using the same for both kitchen and bath. Additionally, while on this home tour, you’ll notice that the granite is a simple plain black.

Many people ask why minimalist tend to flock to these types of colors. The reason is in its versatility. Since minimalism focuses on scaling back to what’s important, basic colors do the best. Additionally, these colors are calming to us and provide a fresh space to live in.

The blue and purple colors represent my son and daughters’ rooms. They have one accent wall each. The beige ash is our flooring and the green represents my plants. Together these colors live in harmony and we’re pretty happy with them.

Home Tour Inspirational Quote: Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful. Welcome home and celebrate your interior design with this house centered quote.

Things we do not have:

  • Indoor kitchen table
  • Coffee table
  • Entertainment stands
  • Dressers (except for my son)

We’ve found these things either non-essential or hazardous to the children. Everything in our home is flush-mounted to the wall and we share one television.

Home Tour: The living room.

Home Tour: Close up of our couch.


For the next part of this home tour, I’m taking you to my kitchen. I leave the countertops bare except for a few daily essentials. The front window shines extremely bright in the morning, making it the perfect way to wake up.

Kitchen Home Tour. Simple minimalism design.

Home tour. View from the kitchen window.

Our kitchen island is the epicenter of our home.

The girls’ room

This is another very bright room in our house. It’s full of princess castles and various dolls. They also have their treasured pretend food and appliances. My two girls tend to like things very neat and usually put all their things away at the end of the night. We found that providing 1 bin for each child serves as an easy way for them to clean up.

Those tight corners. A well made bed is a big part of this minimalistic home tour.

Home Tour: My two daughters' doll house.

Home tour. My two daughters' castle.

Minimalistic Home Tour: Clear bins provide great storage for toys.

My son’s room

To the contrary, my son is a bit messier. He’s the only one on this home tour with a dresser, yet his entire room is an explosion. If you knew this sweet boy, you would find his room completely contradictory to his personality. Total type A, competitive, and perfectionist… all except for his room.

Home Tour: My son's room.

His important pieces include his Avenger’s poster, his rocking horse, and his night light. I find it interesting how each child finds beauty in different pieces. Part of our minimalistic adventure includes making smart purchases that catered to the individual child. We try not to buy three of everything because not all three would like a particular item.

Home Tour: The essentials

Home Tour: My son's poster

Our Bedroom

So, the thing about our bedroom… it’s a bed surrounded by 4 walls. We have the ironing board mounted to the wall to save space and that basically sums it up. We’ve considered adding pieces but as time went by, it just became unnecessary. The single door pictured below is the entrance from the bathroom.

Home Tour: Our master bedroom

As for the stuffed animals, they were left by my son. Traces of the kids are all around the house, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Even though we are minimalist, there’s clear evidence of the five people who live here.

Home Tour: Our bedroom

On the other side, double doors lead to the living room. We have a single 5 x 3 carpet at the foot of the bed for warmth. On the left of the picture above, is the closet. We store our clothing and wearable pieces using internal shelving. Additionally, we hold blankets and a few keepsakes.

The bathrooms

We’re now in the bathroom portion of our home tour. We decided to have white walls since the bathroom floor tile is darker than the rest of the house. It’s pretty serene and makes for a good bath. Both the adult bathroom and the kid bathroom are very similar. The only difference is the larger size of the kids’ countertop.

Dark gray tiles for our bathroom.

Above is shower portion of the adult bathroom. On the other side of the door is our bedroom. The remainder of the bathroom showcases a white medicine cabinet and plain walls. The adult bathroom is the darkest room of the house. Its window is small and faces South, so not much light. I thought of adding a few plants for aesthetic but they would not survive without light.

Home Tour: Our bathroom

Next, is the kids’ bathroom. Much sunnier. Much brighter. It also has a huge window that faces North.

Rubber ducky on our home tour

While I was photographing for this home tour, someone thought it would be funny to play with the toothpaste. Obviously, she’s the main one laughing.

Finally, the Florida Room

We’re wrapping things up with our Florida Room. There’s tons of sunshine and even more plants. If you haven’t guessed, I love gardening. I have plants sprinkled everywhere.

The two blue pieces above were curb finds. We had them refinished by my Dad, and they look as gorgeous as ever. I use this outdoor table in a lot of my Instagram photos. Last, below is the kids’ chalkboard. The grandparents got it from IKEA and it’s used practically every day.

And that is it. Our home tour concludes. I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring with me and learning a little bit about our clutter-free lifestyle. Don’t forget to leave a comment below to tell me your thoughts.

Until next time, when your hands are full, live your life to the fullest.


Fullest Mom