Having three children

What is it like having three children? I thought about it on several occasions. 9 times out of 10, my children are attached to me in public (10 out of 10 in private). People see. People ask. They are always surprised by my response. When they ask, what it’s like having three children, my answer has only one word: hilarious.

Having three children via Pinterest

Having three children via Pinterest

In case you were wondering, I will explain.

To begin, I am uniquely fond of the way each one is different. It’s this difference, that brings such joy. The older two are at an age where they comprehend the stages that the youngest is going through. I don’t know if it’s from memory, or empathy, but they literally put words in her mouth. They narrate the scene like they were hired voiceover comedians. All of the sudden, my 13 month old is “talking”.

Moreover, the differences in my children’s personalities are uncanny. Sometimes it leads to sibling rivalry; but that’s natural with multiple children. Especially, when all three are different. In our household, there are three separate children with three separate personalities. The fact that they all have the unified goal of entertainment is what makes our days so funny.

So, how does that happen?

Accordingly, It’s easy for me to say. My maker knows me. He designed me. I have to give the proper credit when I think about where my children got their personality from.

I have to give my praises to God.

Truly, He knows, but He also provides. Grains of humor riddle my plate. The quirkiness within my soul likes to sparkle through my straight faced exterior. He knows that I appreciate good jokes and laughter; and He provides it through my children. Their smiles make any day worth living. Additionally, their laughter fills my cup.

Having three kids is the best thing in life.

I see them grow; and simultaneously, they see me do the same. You see, I have deeply broadened my term of patience by having three children. Pre-kid me was very demanding. I had a hard time disconnecting the corporate bossiness of my job from my home life. I understood how contrasting our household “workplace” could be by having three children. It’s made me flexible… and resourceful… and quick. As well as more loving, and caring, and empathetic.

Throw kindness like it's confettiWhat about those that are considering having three children?

If you are considering bumping from two to three… I say go for it. Take the step. Grow your family larger. Give yourself a reason to go to extra soccer games in the future.

Obviously, you must understand that the kids come first. However, I’m pretty sure the concept was grasped with your first two. And, affirmative, it’s important to be wise with your income. Furthermore, there will be days when your personal motivations need to be re-prioritized for the sake of your family. But yes, do it! Smile when people say, “Gee you’ve got your hands full”. Throw kindness like it’s confetti. Reply to them, “Yes, my hands ARE full, but so is my heart.”

Ultimately, it’s amazing having three children!


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