I left the corporate office over five years ago. Although I take pride in working hard, I don’t miss the 12-hour shifts, the overnight managerial calls, and the numerous amounts of commuting associated with the job. Since then, I have been able to find my groove in freelancing. I’m a web copywriter, article contributor, and overall wordsmith. Make sure to check out my services page; but for the meantime, continue reading as I explain how freelancing puts more money in our accounts than the traditional 9 to 5.

Please note: This post contains some affiliate links. I am compensated if you make a purchase using my affiliate links. 

Freelancing Puts More Money Into Our Accounts Than Traditional Jobs. The truth about working from home. How I make a living being a WAHM. Freelancing and being my own boss have more benefits.
Freelancing Puts More Money Into Our Accounts Than Traditional Jobs. The truth about working from home. How I make a living being a WAHM. Freelancing and being my own boss have more benefits.

Reasons for freelancing

Everyone has different reasons for freelancing. From experience, the most fruitful freelancers are the ones that pursue their passions. Most testimonial stories about successful soloprenuers start with a self-motivated cause. For example, a mother wanting to create a soap for her sensitive skinned child. She creates her own formula and sells it for $24 a pop. Money was never her intention of starting. Finding solutions, by helping others is what drove her to succeed.

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”

Estee Lauder

In regards to my case, I wanted to tell the story of motherhood. I started this blog as a way to speak to mothers that needed encouragement. I thought if I shared my viewpoints, I could provide a sense of comfort to those roughing it through diapers, and toddler tantrums. As time progressed, I increased my writing ability and eventually landed my first client. (There is something about great SEO and word control that naturally attracts others.)

Moreover, the reasons people work for themselves as freelancers include:

  • Setting their own hours
  • Ability to be their own boss
  • Full control of the workflow
  • Usually spending more time with family
  • Freedom to work at desired locations

The downside of working traditional jobs

It seems like I’d make more money working a traditional job, but in reality, the whole process would incur a lot more expenses for my household. Right now, we are a one-car family, with 2 kids in school, and 1 child that stays at home.

The downside of me returning to a traditional job means I would have to purchase a vehicle, pay for insurance, and also pay for daycare. Even if I found a remote job, working at home for a corporation, I still need to pay for daycare. ($239 a week y’all and that’s just for the toddler. Those months with 5 weeks would kill us!) Furthermore, if the hours of the said imaginary job are not between the hours of 9 am to 2 pm, then I would have to pay for additional aftercare for the older two.

And trust me, my hubby and I have discussed working overnight, changing shifts, all the other jazz, and honestly… It just doesn’t jive. He works for the Department of Defense as both a civilian and an Army Reservist. He also attends night college courses. Right now, even with all that, we still spend most evenings and weekends together. Furthermore, no matter how you put it, my freelancing adds more money into our accounts than any traditional job, after we deduct the expenses.

If I worked a traditional job, I’d only put $246 in my account*

Freelancing vs. a traditional job. This is how a traditional job would accumulate more expenses and not work for us.
Freelancing vs. a traditional job. This is how a traditional job would accumulate more expenses and not work for us.

How I earn money freelancing

In the short form of things, I’m a freelance writer. I earn money from numerous sources; however, they all tie to this blog. Starting this blog was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I get to motivate others to love motherhood deeply, occasionally make some chicken wings, and gain clients all along the way. For the remainder of this post, I will explain the different channels I use to make money. Additionally, I’ve included my average take-home earnings.

Ways I earn:

  1. Client contracts- ($800 to $1500 per month) I charge on an hourly rate. Depending on the topic and amount of articles, I can make enough to cover my family’s groceries. Contracts include ghostwriting for companies and their blogs. Nevertheless, I stay extremely busy and usually crank out a minimum of 3K words a week, not including my blog.
  1. Sponsored blog posts($210- $600 a month. Value does not include free products) A sponsored post is when a company will pay a blogger to write a post featuring their product. I typically work through a third party to obtain sponsored posts; however, some bloggers have success pitching companies directly. If you’d like further information on my sponsored post networks, please contact me directly.
  1. Paid Instagram features($185- $320 a month. Value does not include free products.) Paid Instagram features work similar to sponsored blog posts. Companies pay for bloggers to post an Instagram picture featuring their product. If the brand considers the picture as a favorite, they will also pay the blogger for the rights to the picture.
  2. Affiliate marketing- ($5 or less per month) Yeah, not my most lucrative method but it doesn’t hurt to try. Some networks will pay a flat rate bounty for every new customer you bring, while others will pay a percentage per customer purchase. One piece of advice, it’s better to go for networks with unlimited bounties. I’ve signed up over 300 customers (post went viral) and the capped payout was 5. My potential $3,000 was trumped to their $50 limit. (So sad.)

Please also note:

There are occasions when my income for the month is under $100. During hurricane Irma, and all the evacuations, I had to turn down several sponsorships. That’s how life goes sometimes. Before freelancing, you should consider the fact that income can fluctuate. This is why you will often see entrepreneurs with multiple forms of earning.

This is the back of my current business card. I use it to advertise my freelancing services.
This is the back of my current business card. I use it to advertise my freelancing services.

What does it cost me to freelance?

As you know, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are free. My current newsletter service is also free, and it includes automatically distributing PDFs such as my Strong Family Bonds Worksheet to my subscribers. The rest of the expenses for my business are minimal, and I write them off as tax deductions at the end of the year. This includes website hosting, a social media scheduler, and business cards.

Hosting and web services:

GoDaddy: ($141.98 per year. Includes custom email, managed WordPress, SSL certificate, and hosting. For hosting only, it’s $14.99) I stick to one company and that is GoDaddy. They offer managed WordPress hosting, as well as web security certificates and email integration. The best part of it all? They have 24/7 tech support. If I need someone to look into an issue in the middle of the night, it’s no problem. GoDaddy is THE choice for web hosting and domains.

Social Media Scheduler:

Tailwind: ($15 per month) Tailwind can be described as a visual marketing suite. It works with Pinterest and they’ve just released a version for Instagram. You can schedule all of your Pinterest postings in advance. It even has a “best time” feature that pushes your publications when the majority of your followers are logged on. If you’d like to try it for one month free,  sign up here.

In conclusion, I value working from home

Ultimately, I consider myself grateful to have the opportunity to work from home. I would’ve never imagined this lifestyle for us five years ago. Considering all the expenses and restrictions to working a regular job, it’s hard to say if I will ever return.

Whatever your personal situation, please rest assured that your unique path is put in place for a reason. To all my SAHM, WAHM, and working moms out there, take care and remember to follow always your heart.

Until then, when your hands are full, live your life to the fullest.

Fullest Mom