How to Love Your Locks Using Formulate Hair Care

How to Love Your Locks by Using Formulate Hair Care

This post is sponsored by Formulate Co. The opinions expressed are my own. #HairScience

Frizzy hair and dry ends are a real struggle of many moms. We don’t have the time to maintain our manes the way we would like to. Additionally, placing our hair in a bun for days can lead to even more damage. On this post, I’ve partnered with Formulate Hair Care to provide a customized edge to any mom’s self-care regimen.

Are you ready to get started? Keep reading to learn more!

Formulate Hair Care works on all types and textures.
Formulate Hair Care works on all types and textures.

My hair care journey

As a busy mom, it can be hard to find the time or energy to maintain my hair. I learned that it wasn’t only years of neglect that hurt my hair, it was also the products that I used on it.

To begin my hair transition, I switched to products that were both silicone and sulfate free.

Close-up results of my Formulate Hair Care challenge

I continued my hair journey and then was contacted by Formulate Co. to help celebrate their launch. For six weeks, I used their customized shampoos and conditioners on my hair. These are the close-up photos of how my hair has changed.

As you can tell, the results are dramatic. Formulate Hair Care has changed my hair.
As you can tell, the six-week results are dramatic. Formulate Hair Care has changed my hair.

(Left.) You can tell that my waves had trouble forming in the before picture. (Right.) After six weeks of use, my ringlets show more definition and shape. Also, my hair has more moisture and less frizz at my roots.

Facts about Formulate Co. Hair Care

Formulate Co. creates personalized shampoo and conditioners just for you.

Each formula is unique and depends on your hair data. 

Prior to starting my Formulate six week challenge, I supplied my information about my hair texture, density, curl definition, and more. I also indicated my personal hair goals.

Then, they did the rest.

Formulate Co. chemists created bottles of good stuff, just for me!

They mailed a set of shampoo and conditioner straight to my door. Each bottle was:

  • Preservative-free.
  • Sulfate free.
  • Paraben free.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Silicone-free*

*This was my customized request.

You can visit the Formulate Hair Care website, to learn more facts, here.

Using customized shampoo and conditioner from Formulate Hair Care has enhanced my entire routine.
Using customized shampoo and conditioner from Formulate Hair Care has enhanced my entire routine.

Formulate Hair Care works on all hair types

It does not matter if you have straight or curly hair, each bottle of Formulate is made just for you.

Furthermore, I absolutely loved the smell and the feel of my personal formula. If you didn’t know, when you create your bottles, you get to choose that, too. I thought the Formulate shampoo and conditioner had an awesome consistency. It was thick, without being watered down.

After using both, my hair was tangle free and moisturized.

My specific formula contained nourishing oils which totally made a difference to the texture of my hair.

After six weeks, my hair looks amazing. My curls are starting to tighten without being frizzy. I do not use any styling tools on my hair. Simply stated, I wash it and go!

Having frizz-free hair is easy with a few simple tips.
Having frizz-free hair is easy with a few simple tips.

Simple steps to tame frizz

There are easy ways to reduce frizz while caring for your hair. Here are 5 important steps:

1. Be gentle with your hair

Do not dry your hair with a towel or other rough material. The fibers can catch onto hair and roughen the cuticle. Instead, use an oversized micro-fiber cloth made for hair.

2. Allow moisture to enter your hair

Water is your friend but there’s also a trick to it. To allow moisture inside of your hair, you need to stop using products with silicone. Those products block water from coming into the hair shaft.

3. Don’t dry your hair out

Additionally, reduce the use of sulfates, (or stop them altogether). Sulfates strip hair of nutrients and helpful oils. They also dry your hair out and promote frizz.

4. Customize whenever possible

Learn that all self-ready products do not work for all people. Even if it says it does one thing, it doesn’t mean it does it for everyone. Hair density and curl type affect how products absorb and work. Get a set of customized shampoo and conditioner like the ones from Formulate Hair Care.

5. Do not add heat to soaking wet hair

It may be tempting to start blow drying right out of the shower but this will cause major frizz. Apply your styling products but then let your hair dry to about 80% before getting started.

Add Formulate Hair Care to your routine

Enjoy a self-care regimen that includes helpful products that work.

Regardless of where you are on your hair care journey, love your locks and treat them kindly. Use the tips above to tame frizz and help the style of your hair.

Until next time, when your hands are full, live your life to the fullest.


Fullest Mom

Frizz-free wavy hair is simple, even for a busy mom. Learn the best tips to tame frizz and still keep up with momlife. No need for a messy bun. With Formulate Hair Care, great customized hair is on it's way.

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