Effective Writing, Create Powerful Messages Because of It.

For starters, there is a fact that successful authors must acknowledge. It’s the understanding that in order to create powerful messages, one must write with intent. Strategized freelancing doesn’t happen by chance. Thus, effective writing makes the difference between a purposeful piece that leaves the reader happy; or an indirect waste of the reader’s time. Here, I come to share a few key points you should consider before creating your written work.

Write appropriately and descriptively for your audience.

Explain the who, what, where, when, how. Giving readers the entire experience will help them relate to your piece, and in turn, make it rememberable. The goal of effective writing  is to reach people. Speak to more than just their eardrums. Speak to their hearts. Set the scene of the story you are trying to tell. If you are writing something a little more professional, like I do with a company blog, then your descriptions should be modified to speak like the voice of the company.

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Effective Writing on Pinterest

Effective Writing on Pinterest

Check grammar and spelling.

We all make mistakes once in a while, but we must learn from them. Heck, it took a little bit before I got my #WAHM act together. As a commissioned writer, you are paid to do it correctly. No person, or business, wants to be represented by poor grammar or spelling. For example, let’s eat grandma vs. let’s eat, grandma. Also, your formation, your style, the little commas here and there, those are your calling cards. The nuances found in your writing will make your work unique.

Keep to one subject at a time.

Effective writing deals with one topic at a time. This tip applies whether you are trying to educate, persuade, document, or any action in between. Writing should be concise and to the point. Not only does writing one subject at a time helps with your readers, it also helps with your SEO. Imagine you are Google and you have to categorize a piece of writing. Within the text, it says things like fish, web development, and counting. Never does the writing state a theme nor does it have repetition within its words. How would you store it?

Now, imagine the writing says fish, recipes, seafood, and it repeats these words a few times within the text. Do you think this piece is a lot easier to categorize than the first one? Sites that are  correctly categorized are easier to fine. Hence, your writing will have more reach and effectiveness. Focusing on a single point creates a clear vision that engages the reader, as much as the search engines.

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Have a beginning, middle, and end.

When planning out what you are going to publish, think about the big picture. There should be a clear beginning, middle, and end. Just as important the ideas within the piece should be unified and complete. Can the reader coherently go from one word to the next? Do they have a feeling if they are in the beginning, middle, or end? These are important things to ask in order to have effective writing.

Always add application.

This was my absolute hardest lesson to learn. The idea of applying application didn’t sink in until I got called out by a very vocal critic. Fortunately, you can see the results and edited version here. Nevertheless, it set me straight. It made me realize that readers ALWAYS want to know how the piece applies to them. Additionally, they want to take something away from their reading experience and use it in real life. Did they learn a new skill? Or taught a valuable lesson? How about a new perspective of the world? My most loathed books were the ones that left me with nothing. Even if you are writing fiction, there has to be an application to real life, or your work will be ineffective.

In conclusion, effective writing takes practice.

I recommend you try multiple styles of writing to progress your skills. With this said, keep in mind that writing should be enjoyable. Take your time and value the beauty that comes with creating your written pieces. I thank you for reading this tutorial on effective writing; and hope it helps you with all of your endeavors.

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