We’re making some DIY natural whipped body butter

Our household is going steady with our conversion to more natural products. After doing a lot of research, I’ve found a way to make a DIY natural whipped body butter. Words cannot express how happy I am with the results. I mean, this is the stuff dreams are made of. The texture is so soft, so rich, and yes, so soothing. I put it over my entire body.

Furthermore, this product is so nutritious for my skin that after only 7 days, I notice a huge difference. I feel confident to mom around with a moisturized, luxurious glow. The tone has changed so much that I can even forgo wearing foundation makeup.

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DIY Natural Whipped Body Butter on Pinterest

DIY Natural Whipped Body Butter on Pinterest

Additionally, making it yourself gives more value for your buck.

However, that’s not all. Not only are we cutting the chemicals; but, we are cutting the costs. Oddly enough, you’d think something that costs less, per ounce, would be of lesser quality. Totally not true. Take for instance the main ingredient in conventional, expensive store-bought lotions….water. To reiterate, you are paying mostly for, let me pause again…WATER! How about making the switch to your own DIY natural body butter? Give your body the real and pure ingredients necessary for staying moisturized.

I mean, seriously, I even use this on the ends of my hair!

Ok, mamas, do you have your hand mixer ready?  Because here we go!

How to make your own DIY natural whipped body butter:

Melting DIY Natural Whipped Body ButterWhat you will need-

Mixing DIY Natural Whipped Body ButterWhat you do-

  1. First, in a double boiler, add all ingredients.
  2. Secondly, slowly melt all ingredients together.
  3. Then, make sure to stir frequently.
  4. Once melted, place the bowl on the counter for 10 minutes.
  5. Stir.
  6.  Place bowl in the fridge for 20 minutes.
  7. Stir, again.
  8. Replace bowl back into the fridge for 30 more minutes.
  9. Once the mixture is on the verge of solidifying, use a hand mixer to whip that baby up.
  10. Whip for 2-3 minutes until mixture is airy and smooth.
  11. Then, place mixture in the sealed container of your preference. I used an empty one I had around the house. If you’d prefer to order one, try these.
  12. Put back in the fridge for 1 more hour so it can fully set.

Setting DIY Natural Whipped Body ButterBefore we leave, here are a few notes.

Consequently, if your house temp is over 77F, the lotion will have the tendency to melt. One option is to remix it with your hands, upon use. Another is that you can just store it in the fridge. I completely love the feeling of cold DIY natural whipped body butter after a hot shower.  Mama’s got to find some kind of refreshment somewhere, right?

Lastly, you can add 1 or 2 drops of your favorite essential oil for scent. However, it’s totally optional, as this DIY natural body butter smells pretty sweet on its own.

When your hands are full (and dry), make body butter; and, live your life to the fullest.


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