The desires of my heart

Perfect Plating, The Desires Of My Heart

You think it would be easy to know the desires of my heart. I’ve mentioned consistently how much I like to cook. Dish after dish, I’ve savored my kitchen equipment as much as the food. I went through a season of wanting custom plates. Logo imprinted, Fullest Mom plates were the desires of my heart.

Huh? Say that again

Yep, custom plates. I envisioned when I show the world my culinary genius (via Instagram of course), that they would see my craftily made Fullest Mom logo at the same time. Brilliant, I tell you. Brilliant!

Quinoa Burritos

So, there’s this saying, I tell the kids it all the time. BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE. I thought I knew the desires of my heart. I thought the plates I had, the same great plates that served my family for years, were suddenly not good enough. My perspective needed rebooting. It’s funny, we give our kids the lessons that somehow we forget. Or is it we grow up too much? All this accumulated  wisdom somehow makes us think we know  “the real truth.”

Stuffed Butternut Squash

Be careful about the desires of your heart.

They could be, instead, the unfulfilling desires of your mind. Mom struggles, right? For example, many new parents’ sole wish is to have peace and quiet. They wonder why did they have a child. They feel restricted and miss their old life…date nights, happy hours, Netflix and chill without cartoons….until they find out that they are pregnant again. All the wonder and joy are put back into perspective and they realize just how blessed they are to have a family. Their minds thought one thing, but their hearts knew the truth.

Whole Wheat Spaghetti
What can we learn from this?

By saying that God, indeed, has a sense of humor. I was going through some of my food photography photos and I noticed that my plates were the only ones with little squares. It’s subtle but it is distinct. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself because I did, in a way, have my very own custom plates. Maybe not the way I originally intended it, but still unique all the same.

Fullest Mom

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