Fullest Fifteen: Introducing Inventor Dawn Janowitz

It’s time for another Fullest Fifteen. That’s right, fifteen questions to moms from all walks of life. So far on the series, I’ve had the opportunity to interview a motor-cross racer, a songwriter, highly publicized writers, and now I’m meeting with an inventor. Her name is Dawn Janowitz. She’s the inventor of Chomp Fun Plates. She’s grown her business and has even been featured on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome. (She totally won it ya’ll.)

Get ready because this is going to be a great interview. Dawn is not only a savvy business woman but a full-fledged mom as well. If I learned anything from this, it’s that you have to work hard and never stop on your dreams. Keep reading for more for details…

Please note: The products in this post were gifted in exchange for the feature. The thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’m talking to Inventor Dawn Janowitz.
Take a look at her on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome.

Dawn Janowitz and Family

Dawn Janowitz and Family

Short Auto-Bio:
As a busy working mom myself, I totally understand how raising a family can be overwhelming, but I didn’t think mealtime had to be. I wanted to find something that was easy since I like to keep things simple. This idea was thought of when my son Asher was just 3 years old. He never finished all his food, snack and I hated to waste it. I also did not like to put it in a storage container, because then I would have to hunt for one and then wash it later on. So, because of this, I decided to create an all-in-one plate and container.

Now, mealtime is so simple.  And my son loves to eat with his favorite character, which is the shark! We also realized this came in handy for eating snacks on the run or also, just in front of the T.V. There are so many uses that came out of having this product, that I am so glad I get to share them with you.

Website Link: ChompFun.com

We're interviewing Dawn Janowitz, inventor of Chomp Fun Plates.

We’re interviewing Dawn Janowitz, inventor of Chomp Fun Plates.

Round 1: Here we go with the basics.

Dawn Janowitz has an entrepreneurial lifestyle, yet she is as down to earth as they come. Find out how inventing things has impacted her life.

1. How has becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur changed your life? It’s exciting because I thought of an idea, and then I went into action to create it. You have to be very disciplined in getting things done because no one is checking up on you.

2. Were you always into creating things? Yes, I have always had so many ideas that I wanted to make. But, this is the first one that I truly felt it would be great and I was ready. I am not at all talented in an artsy way, but I love coming up with ideas.

3. Do you have children? I have an 8 yr old son, Asher, and an 18-month-old girl, Journey.

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4. If your children wanted to follow in your footsteps, what would you tell them? Make sure you really enjoy it. Because after you create the product, you have to sell it. That is the hardest part. You have to always think about selling and getting it out there. Additionally, you have to love speaking with people and truly love getting yourself out there. You cannot be shy or think that things will come to you easy.

5. How do your children attribute to your day to day schedule? I homeschool my son in addition to having an 18 mo old. During nap times and night time I get things done. Thus, I am really good at staying on a strict schedule. I try to buy everything I can online so I am not needing to go into stores, and I have to keep my daughter’s nap times very consistent so I know I have time to get things done.

6. In regards to your business, have you ever been scared? Yes, you never know if someone is going to like what you created. Also, a lot of things are not in your control so you need to trust others with your product.

Fullest Fifteen: Introducing Inventor Dawn Janowitz, owner of Chomp Fun Plates.

Fullest Fifteen: Introducing Inventor Dawn Janowitz, owner of Chomp Fun Plates. In this interview, we discuss how she took her business to the next level and how she balances home and entrepreneurship.

Round 2: Would you rather?

I’ve posed Inventor Dawn Janowitz with some interesting scenarios. Let’s find out her preference.

7. Would you rather eat spinach or fold laundry? Eat spinach for sure!

8. What’s your family’s favorite meal to pack inside the Chomp platainer? Chicken nuggets and tater tots. My son likes to eat fruit out of it too.

9. What activities does your family like to do best? We live on a lake so we enjoy the boat and going tubing. My son loves to swim so we are outside a lot.

10. Favorite getaway destination? My son is 8 and he has been on 16 cruises. We haven’t done as many when the baby came because it got much harder. So now I love to just get a hotel near a beach.

11. Would you let your oldest wear the same outfit, sunup to sundown, for a week straight? Oh, no way. I have this thing about getting into bed with dirty clothes or feet. Must put on PJs and wash feet with a washcloth.

12. Quick, you’ve got 1 hour to yourself. What do you do? Sleep or watch a Forensic science show(like Dateline). I love watching those mysteries. I can binge watch them if I had time to.

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Round 3: Now it’s time for inspirations.

13. What inspires you? I love life and I enjoy what I do. Each day is a blessing and I never want to hurry up to the next day or month. I try to be present in each moment. Also, I love hearing about how people love Chomp and it makes me very happy know that I helped out another family.

14. What’s a mommy tip you’ve learned along the way? Never go to bed with a dirty kitchen.  I love to wake up in the morning and not having to do any cleaning.  And also work out first thing in the morning before the kids get up.

15. How do you live your life to the fullest? Realizing how fast time goes by. I try to find enjoyment in my everyday life with my business and kids. I know they grow up too fast and I want these moments to last.

Stay tuned for more

This concludes this segment of the Fullest Fifteen. Dawn Janowitz and her entire Chomp team are great motivational examples. Moreover, Dawn has found a way to run a successful business as well as balance her home life. Huge kudos. I’ve enjoyed this talk with her and I hope you have, too.

Stay tuned, another Fullest Fifteen is just around the corner.


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