For Daddy’s hands, their work was established.

For Daddy’s hands, the day started early. They splashed cold water on his face, rinsing off slumber and the weight of before-dawn morning. Alarms woke his hands well before the sun ever could. Coffee was brewed. Drank from  a mug, warmed by potential, held in Daddy’s hands.

Breakfast was light. Also, no time for eggs, nor toast. Complaints were also missing from the equation. Surely, his hands never worried. They quickly departed, leaving hugs behind at the front door. They guided the steering wheel for a full commute. Certainly through the busy hive of traffic, the hands kept their cool. Additionally, they pressed on. Daddy’s hands clocked in and worked. For several hours they worked.

Daddy's Hands via Pinterest

Daddy’s Hands via Pinterest

For Daddy’s hands, their work was established.

In due time, the hands returned home. Smiley faces everywhere. The kids climbed into them. No chances for breath. Consequently, no chances to take shoes off. Daddy’s hands scooped the children up anyways. Not one. Not two. But three. All the missing of Daddy dripped away because of the welcome back hugs. His hands consoled. They held hearts; as well as, the day’s stories.

His hands grabbed a fork and knife. They ate dinner and quenched their thirst. After, they turned the knob once again, shutting the door gently behind them. For several more hours, they did additonal work. On the house. At a second job. On giving grace to Mama. The helping hands did all the un-clocked work it took to be a good father.

For Daddy’s hands, their work was established.

Then, when that lazy sun went back to bed, Daddy’s hands stayed lying awake. Gee that sun, that rises after  but sleeps before, turned the sky dark with it’s absence. But never his hands. They were always present in our minds,  always shining, and scaring away boogie men. They gave warm milk to littles that have wandered out of bed. And tucked them back cozy again. They found teddy bears and blankies, then went off to hold Mama. Ultimately, Daddy’s hands prayed and finally said good night.

This goes out to all the Daddy’s out there. We recognize all the hard work you do.

With greatest sincerity,

Fullest Mom

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.” -Psalm 90:17