My Child's Integrity Starts at Home

Child Integrity Builders That Focus on Better Self-Worth

Self-worth is important for kids of all ages. Using simple child integrity builders will lay a foundation to guide the child their entire life. Not only does promoting integrity help a child to choose wisely, but it also boosts their self-esteem.

Child integrity and character devolopment

My soul aches after hearing the multitude of negative events throughout our daily news. Many of which regard children and young adults. I have grace and compassion for the parents of these adolescents, but I also have conviction.

It’s an ever-evolving feeling because I know somewhere down the line, my littles will become big.

Someday, all children will become adults. This is why we must teach integrity at home. This is why we must develop their character early within their childhood.

Your home sets the stage for your child's integrity.
Your home sets the stage for your child’s integrity.

Importance of integrity in the family

The world will try to manipulate them. Furthermore, they will be presented with temptations. Calls of power, or glory, or even vengeance will attempt to capture their attention.

I know my children will face the world.

They will be called every name in the book and swayed from the truth.

It’s a parent’s job to teach them first.

Together, my husband and I will reach the innermost workings of our children’s hearts. We will set the true values of who they are meant to be. Under The Lord’s will, we will teach them the way they should go. (Proverbs 22:6)

Using child integrity builders is not only important, but it will also help your child to have the strength to do what’s right.

Basic lessons when dealing with your child’s integrity

There are simple, everyday things you can do to connect with your child’s integrity. Let’s review a few ways to get started.

1: Lead with love

If we want to boost our child’s integrity and self-worth, we must first lead with love.

Let me explain how love and kindness impact a child.

One day, my son plopped on the couch next to me. He was so excited to tell me a story. Instead of focusing on the joy, my eyes diverted to his shoes. His messy, dirty shoes, moving back and forth, on the cushions of my couch.

I cringed. I cut him off, totally interrupting him to reprimand about his shoes.

He frowns.

The story ends and the moment is lost.

Often, your child’s integrity is less about rules and more about their hearts. 

Even though to be part of a harmonious society we need order, we as parents have to find that fine line of tact.

I get it, it’s hard to understand where gentle parenting ends and rules begin.

However, if our parenting leads with love, we will have deeper connections to build our children’s self-worth.

We can provide the honest type of discipline that does not crush their character.

Child integrity builders begin with love.
Child integrity builders begin with love.

2: Allow them to work through challenges

I get it. It’s so easy to fix everything for them.

We have the life experience.

We have the speed.

As parents, we know how to take over our children’s issues and resolve them.

But, what does that leave our children?

In order to increase the integrity of our children, we have to allow them to work through some of their own challenges.

One of the best child integrity builders is practice.

Talk to your child about right and wrong, then allow them to grow. When the time comes for them to make a life choice, they will be equipped to decide.

Quiet moments are the most important. Connect with your child with open dialogue.
Quiet moments are the most important. Connect with your child with open dialogue.

3: Reinforce assertiveness

Part of being integral means advocating for those without voices.

It also means being assertive in a respectful manner, and speaking up for equality and justice.

Teach your child not to fear and to use assertiveness in their speech. These lessons go a long way and will give your child the strength to live a life that honors more than just themselves.

4: Show integrity first

This may seem like a no-brainer, but your children are watching.

To give them a foundation of what integrity should look like, we need to model that behavior.

Does integrity mean telling the truth?

Does it mean being kind even when a leader is not watching?

Whatever your list may be, your child’s integrity is essentially based off of your actions.

We cannot expect our children to show integrity if we fail to show it first. 

Be a good example and your children will mimic. Here, our son prepares to share some flowers with neighbors.
Be a good example and your children will mimic. Here, our son prepares to share some flowers with neighbors.

5: Discuss self-worth

It’s crucial to have open dialogues with our children regarding self-worth.

At our house, we explain that despite how we feel, God has a divine purpose for us all. We are ALL important in our own unique way.

Furthermore, while integrity and self-worth seem somewhat independent, if we think about it, intertwining the two can be very helpful.

If I’m important, then my actions matter.

If my actions matter then I should act carefully.

What are good actions?

Your child will understand the benefits of acting with integrity as well as other positive attributes. Most self-destructive behaviors are the result of not knowing our significance.

Teaching kids to have good character

Dealing with your child’s integrity and morale will be an ongoing evolution. Every day will present a new way to teach, mold, and grow. We desire the best for our children and put all of our faith that Jesus, who has overcome the world, will protect them.

In conclusion, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic. How do you deal with the subject of integrity in your home? Please leave me a comment below.


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There are simple ways parents can mold their children to have integrity. There are 5 everyday actions to deal with your child's behavior and well being. If you have ever wondered how to teach integrity to your children, the first place to begin is within your own family lifestyle. Read more to learn the best child integrity builders that focus on self-worth and esteem.

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