Ways To Actually Triumph Over Your Children’s Winter Break

Our children’s winter break is literally 17 days long. While it’s a joyous time to enjoy the holidays, it’s also infused with boredom and sibling rivalry. 

How do you keep the kids entertained while they are away from school?

In this post, I’m going to cover how moms can keep their sanity during their children’s winter break. I’ll cover tips for relaxing, creating at-home activities, and more. 

You're children's winter break can be stressful if they get bored. Learn the best ways to keep the kids busy during their winter holiday.

Why is winter break so stressful?

First things first, let’s hit the stress issue directly. 

Being home with the kids all day is stressful.

This is especially true if your husband has to work the entire winter break and you’re at it on your own. Regardless of how much you adore your family, the demands of spending all day with your children are real.

Somewhere in the mix of keeping them alive and busy, we forget to keep ourselves happy.

The stress piles up and we begin to resent the kids being home for so long. It can feel like an eternity if we do not shift our mindset.

Mental balance is important during your children's winter break. Find peace in the little things.
Mental balance is important during your children’s winter break. Find peace in the little things.

Create a plan for mental balance

Balance seems to be the biggest factor in a mother’s happiness. While some find achieving balance to be easy, other may find it more difficult. Furthermore, changes in schedules affect this balance.

If you want to relieve stress during your children’s winter break, you’ll have to have a plan.

Typically, when I know the kids will be out of school for a long period of time, I create a plan that contains 3 branches. 

  1. Socialization
  2. Quiet breaks
  3. Self-lead activities

Socialization – This is important because you’ll need extra mental and physical support to deal with the stress. Hanging out with friends that also have kids will provide just that. 

Quiet breaks – Every day, I take about 2 to 3 breaks. I like to be all to myself, in total silence. While this is sometimes easier said than done, do your best. Additionally, keep these breaks to under 5 minutes. They may seem small but it’s enough to refresh and recharge.

Self-lead activities – Depending on your child’s age, you can provide some self-lead activities to keep them busy. Allowing your children the independence over their play will keep them more engaged. 

Using these three tools during my children’s winter break is the foundation of a stress-free vacation from school.

Your children's winter break does not have to be stressful. Learn to keep things simple with the suggestions below.
Your children’s winter break does not have to be stressful. Learn to keep things simple with the suggestions below.

Things you can do with the children

Now we’re going to get into activities that are centered around the children. Scroll below to see the categories.

Redirect or burn through the energy

Kids have an uncanny amount of energy. If left untamed, it will run wild. Provide your children with at least one high-energy activity a day so they can cycle through. 

High-energy indoor activities:

  • Balloon toss
  • Dance party
  • Twister
  • Exercise bootcamp
  • Charades

High-energy outdoor activities:

  • Freeze tag
  • Rally races
  • Climbing monkey bars
  • raking leaves or shoveling snow
Allow the children to keep their minds busy. Supply learning games and hands-on activities. Here, wrapping presents teaches them to think ahead and estimate size.
Allow the children to keep their minds busy. Supply learning games and hands-on activities. Here, wrapping presents teaches them to think ahead and estimate size.

Keep their minds busy

Another way to triumph over winter break is to keep your children’s mind active. Introduce them to different learning activities to reframe from becoming bored. 

While it may be unexpected, it’s healthy to engage your child in some form of learning during their school vacation. 

Our school provides a program that has math and reading games online. We’ll log onto that for about 20 minutes for each child. This is the only time our children are allowed to use electronics.

Remember that variety is key so we also offer paper worksheets and at-home science experiments. Moreover, open-ended art projects always do well.

Learning activities do not have to be done every day.

Just sprinkle them here and there into your family’s winter break routine.

During your children's winter break get more hands-on. Baking is the perfect way to allow kids to get messy.
During your children’s winter break get more hands-on. Baking is the perfect way to allow kids to get messy. 

Get hands-on and messy

Another suggestion is to provide a few messy activities. While some moms may think getting messy is pointless, we’ve found a way to make it functional. 

Baking treats or cooking together is a great way to conquer a child’s need for textile gratification.

They get to be hands-on and create something to eat, all at the same time.

Have you ever wondered why children love to touch everything?

It’s because their brains are still developing and trying to discover the world. Touching allows their minds to fill the gap of missing textures. 

During your children’s vacation, throw in a messy activity, or two.

At the end of the night, I connect with my hubby over a snack and eggnog. It’s the perfect way for parents to unwind after a busy day with the kids.

Occasionally, join the fun

One of the things I enjoy about my kids being home from school is the fact that I don’t have to chauffeur them through the carline. In fact, that adds over 2 hours back to my day. 

Use your children’s winter break as a chance to have fun.

Play a board game together. Go for ice cream. Chose anything that’s not a chore and do something enjoyable.

Have a better winter break 

Time off from school can be challenging. I’m hoping the suggestions above will provide you with a better winter vacation.

Don’t forget to share your gameplan with me below. Leave a comment with your best tip.


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