Cheering on Daddy

Cheering on Daddy: Simple acts of honoring your husband

Cheering on Daddy: Simple acts of honoring your husband

This is a photo of the kids cheering on Daddy. If you look closely, my hubby is in the background working on the yard. This was a task that was not safe for the kids to be around. They had to stay inside. Even so, we actively continued cheering on Daddy from the window.

Cheering on Daddy via Pinterest
Cheering on Daddy via Pinterest

And there we stayed, cheering on Daddy. 

You see, this photo is so essential to our family. We all have different roles and it’s easy to become complacent. It’s unapologetically simple for everyone to stick to their tasks and just do. Nobody notices until one day, the doing is not done. Complacency is usually the cause. So, in our house, we try to be more active about moral support. We engage each other not only during the fun times; but, for the chores as well.

Want to know more? Here’s our ways of cheering on Daddy: Simple acts of honoring your husband.

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First, start with encouragement.

Words of praise can work wonders in the feel good department. For instance, I remember a time when me and my husband were discussing our days. It was late in the evening and I was tired. Additionally, I was close to tears. The simplest phrase of encouragement, spoken by his mouth, made everything better. I continuously desire to reciprocate those types of kind words to my husband.

Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. -Proverbs 16:24

Many stay at home parents fall into the trap of feeling incapable of providing great gifts to their spouses. They want to give some form of materialized prize to their spouse, and neglect the importance of non-tangible items. Words of praise, in my opinion, are one of the greatest building blocks to communication; as well as, a superb way to cheer on daddy. Words of praise last far longer than any trinket.

Next, show through actions.

To demonstrate more ways of cheering on Daddy, imagine coming home to your favorite meal. Envision walking through the door and you’re greeted with a hug. Wouldn’t those little details feel nice? Important to realize, all the tiny, seemingly insignificant, actions build up. They fill the memory banks of our minds. Showing kindness through actions is a prime example for cheering on daddy.  Just as important, remember to reassure your spouse by making their presence matter. It’s easy to get caught up in the house chores, or even the kids. Stoping to acknowledge your spouse through action is a simple way of honoring your husband.

Showing kindness through actions does not need to be complex. For example, I mentioned before things like a good meal, a greeting hug. Kindness can also include a pressed shirt, a love note in the lunch box, or any thoughtful gesture under the sun. Don’t make it too complicated. Start out small. Ideally, do something that would bring a smile to your hubby’s heart. Cheering On Daddy Portrait

Last, give grace.

Grace is the act of forgiving. Moreover, it’s the act of purposeful non-complaint. By giving your husband grace, you show him love. Grace is needed in those times when he walks through the door with muddy shoes. It’s for the times he left the toilet seat up. Likewise, it’s even for those times when his mind was a million miles away, thinking how he could further support the family. Grace heals. Grace endures.

So, this concludes ways for cheering on Daddy: Simple acts of honoring your husband. We’d like to know how your family does it. Drop us a comment as to why Daddy is so special.


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  • Tiffany H.

    Awww, I needed this today! I have a 14 month old (almost 15!) and am 20 weeks pregnant with our second, living in a huge reno project. My hubby is gone for work 50+ hours a week, then he’s a deacon, SS teacher, youth leader, music leader, sound room tech, etc., etc. at our church, then he spends every spare moment working on this house. I often have so little patience and energy left when I finally see him that I focus on what help I’m NOT getting. How horrible! I’m so convicted and encouraged by this post. Thank you for writing this and hopefully my hubby will be reaping the benefits of everything you’ve shared! 🙂

    Tiffany H.
    • Post authorFullestMom

      Mama, I invite you to message me anytime on FB. Whenever you need an encouraging word, I will help! It is a weird effect, the more we give, the better we feel. Praise starts turning into blessings. I’m not going to lie. There are times I have to be soon intentional about this. But in the end, the heart sings joy. Thank you so much for your comment. Congratulations on your pregnancy, you’re halfway through. Take care 🙂 <3


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