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Understand Why Kids Interrupt Before Your Head Explodes

7 Reasons Your Kids Interrupt Your Work In a recent discussion with a friend, she stated that summer was a time for fun, but also for headaches. You see, as strategic freelancers, our clients count on us to deliver seamlessly…. Continue Reading →

Using God’s Example of Parenting; The Study of Grace

Using God’s Example of Parenting; The Study of Grace I start this post with a confession, I am scared. This is me, stepping out with faith, hoping that I will do justice to the word of God. It’s easy for… Continue Reading →

How I Encourage My Children by Supporting Their Dreams

How I Encourage the Children by Supporting Their Dreams Every day, when my 5 year old son comes home from school, I check his work folder. Today, I was surprised to find a booklet he made called, “My Dreams.” I have… Continue Reading →

Stronger Family Bonds, Balance Beyond Housework

How to Have Stronger Family Bonds To begin, I feel that moms in general, are always on a tightrope. We are just teetering on the line of danger, bound to fall into the  burnout pit. We are keepers of our home,… Continue Reading →

Childhood Reading And The Reasons It’s So Critical

Childhood Reading And The Reasons It’s So Critical There are these imaginary worlds, that books create; and, they take a child anywhere he or she wants to go. In addition, to the concept of vicariously letting your child travel, these very same… Continue Reading →

Stop Yelling at the Kids Already! Let’s keep calm.

Stop yelling at the kids already! Let’s keep calm. We’re in the thick of it. Right now, is the epitome of busy season. I say that using present tense; but, we all know the reality of motherhood. It’s been like this… Continue Reading →

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