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Trolls Movie Review. Really? Seriously? More singing?

Trolls Movie Review. Really? Seriously? More singing? Tell me, should I begin with a disclosure about the signing? OR should I half-hazardly let this post take its course? Well, that depends on which of the troll’s perspective you take. Specifically speaking, for this… Continue Reading →

Zootopia Movie Review, Anthropomorphic animals gone wild

Zootopia Movie Review,  Anthropomorphic animals gone wild With news that Disney’s Zootopia has been released on Netflix, streamers, and anthropomorphic animals, everywhere are going wild. Under full disclosure, this movie suitable for kids ages 5 and up. Heck, who am I kidding?… Continue Reading →

Finding Dory Movie Review; Just Keep Swimming!

Finding Dory Movie Review; Just Keep Swimming! Before I begin this Finding Dory movie review, can I ask a question? Is it possible to love Pixar too much? I mean the evolution this company has had is spectacular. Not only in the… Continue Reading →

Peanuts – Movie review

Things from my childhood are the best things of all. Call me biased but today’s cartoons have no heart. Growing up, Charlie Brown and his gang gave inspiration as well as the plain, unsalted, facts of life. The Great Pumpkin…really… Continue Reading →

The good Dinosaur – Movie review

I want to start by saying I love  when Disney and Pixar collide. I mean, if I could eat it with a spoon I would. The imaginations of both companies are tremendous. Marvelous. Great. Needless to say I was super… Continue Reading →

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